Tom Lark

Tom Lark

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His first single All Night Long combines the woozy lilt of a Sparklehorse record with a sprinkle of The Shins and some Brit-pop melodicism.

The first reviews are glowing, and DIY webzine Dingus ( had these very kind words on the Tom Lark EP.

"What seems to start like a punch from a younger brother, taunting, over-joyous and bold ends up taking a turn
for the more serious
by the latter half of the album. With good feelings and momentary satire, Tom Lark has crafted,
in one light, a pure and honest record. In another light, he's made an near absurd gesture at the entirety of our pitiful existence."


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Tom Lark EP

The "TOM LARK EP" released in july 2011, is a collection of sunlight starved tunes composed in musty, jungle like bedroom conditions of the quake ravaged city.