About the Artist

The east coast native made waves after independently releasing his 10 track E.P titled "Tautoko" in 2011. The project was a fundraiser for the unveiling of his mother and nephew caught the ear of 'Juse', co-owner of Auckland based record label MTC.

In mid 2012 Tipene signed with Warner Music NZ and released his first single "West Side Hori" which charted and earned him a finalist spot for APRA Silver Scroll 2013. The song received critical acclaim and the video generated 100,000+ hits on youtube in its first month.


Tipene has produced 8 singles all accompanied by self directed videos towards his full length debut album tilted “Tautoko”, meaning support. Tautoko will release mid 2015 featuring hip-hop heavyweights Scribe,Sid Diamond,Che Fu and Dam Native to name a few. With roughly 2-3 years in the making Tautoko will prove to be a landmark in NZ hip hop history. 

Tipene has also launched a new record label Native Niche which will provide a platform for un-signed artists from the Hawkes Bay region.


Latest Release

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B.A.D by Tipene cover art


B.A.D an acronym for "Bay All Day" the latest single from Tipene's debut album "Tautoko", meaning support featuring some of NZ Hip hop's elite like Che-Fu, Scribe and Dam Native.