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New Zealand alternative royals Shihad are an industrial oscillate rock band from Wellington.

The band is made up Jon Toogood, (vocals, guitars) Phil Knight (guitars, backing vocals), Karl Kippenberger (bass guitar, backing vocals), Tim Larkin (drums, backing vocals and samplers).

Toogood and Larkin met back in the 80's whilst attending High School and through discovering their common love of alternate metal music began with SHIHAD in 88'.

In the early stages SHIHAD was predominately rooted in the metal genus though over time, the industrial rock sounds have evolved to a more alternate melodic resonance.


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Ignite by Shihad cover art


Ignite is a fitting tribute to all that has gone and is yet to come in Shihad's illustrious career. Three tracks on the album including the current single Lead Or ...