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Estère is a girl with an MPC she calls Lola. She produces all her own songs with Lola, mostly at home in her pyjamas.

Following extensive tours throughout Africa, UK and Europe last year, and three years since her critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Estère has just released a trailblazing new body of work, Pro Bono Techno Zone. Also known as the Empress of Electric Blue Witch-Hop, Estère - producer, engineer & singer-songwriter - has pushed creative boundaries, leaving the result far afield from that of a humble bedroom artist.

Estère's incorporation of unusual and stunning samples into her songs enhances her already transfixing vocals, melody and rhythm that comprise each track. The coy hiss of Vietnamese bamboo trees, the angry crash of a cutlery drawer, the clicking tongue of a possum are some of the sounds Estère has surreptitiously embedded into her music. Her lyrical writing escapes the common realms of popular music, delving into imaginatively philosophical narratives, elevating the ordinary into a realm of fascination.

Estère's velvety voice has been compared to that of Erykah Badu, entrancing venues across the globe with her singing, sampling and looping live set.


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Pro Bono Techno Zone  by Estere cover art

Pro Bono Techno Zone

A commentary on those who are slaves to technology.