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About the Mentor

Estère Dalton first entered the public eye when she took second place at the 2009 Smokefree Rockquest regionals while she was a student at Wellington High School. Now the Electric Blue Witch-Hop artist has performed all over the world, been nominated for New Zealand Music Awards (Best Producer in 2018 and Critics Choice Award in 2015),

Using sampling technology, Estère's songs are playful, imaginative and so unique they have their own genre - Electric Blue Witch hop.

Estère - and her MPC "Lola" - started mentoring for our programmes in 2015.

Teacher Raewyn Daurua from Sacred Heart Girls College says,

"Estère's ideas and tips on songwriting were invaluable and her encouragement was appreciated. I highly recommend Estère as a mentor."

Photo credit: Paascalino Schaller