Katie Thompson

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About the Mentor

Katie is a Christchurch based singer-songwriter whose star is definitely on the rise! Her accolades include opening for Sir Elton John and being the representative for Oceania at Global Rockstar 2015 in Vienna. She also provides artist development, social media and crowdfunding management through her company Quirky Music.

Describing her sound as "Kiwi country," Katie says, "New Zealand is a unique melting pot of genres and country music has a lot of flavours from folk, blues and rock. I'm very fond of our unique sound."
Katie has been mentoring for our programmes since 2014.

Cath Forsyth from Cromwell College says,
"The mentorship program is fantastic, and I appreciated Katie's input and personality with the kids. She was also great at fitting in with us as she arrived at the end of a very busy week. Thanks, Katie!"

Linwood College's Kate Coghlan says,
"Katie has been a wonderful mentor, and I know the students have appreciated her being here and I am hugely grateful for the inspiration she has provided them. Katie has been extremely helpful and has an undeniable talent for helping others with their songwriting."