Natalia Sheppard (MC Tali)

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About the Mentor

Tali (Natalia Sheppard) is a Auckland-based musician, performer, freestyler and MC. She is one of the most prolific Female MC/Freestylers to emerge from the electronic dance music scene.

Tali is passionate about teaching and holds a B.A in English literature, theatre and film, has a Diploma in teaching secondary school English and Drama. She has over 10 years experience acting on stage, and over 18 years as a professional musician both here in NZ and internationally.

Tali has spent the last three years as music mentor at Sylvia Park School in Mount Wellington, Auckland. In 2020 Tali is going to be Music Mentor for the Electronic Music students at Albany Senior School.  She also recently won her first ever Tui at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards for 'Best Electronic Artist' for her album 'Love & Migration' the first solo Woman to be nominated and win the award in 10 years.

Teacher Margo Finlayson of Dargaville High School says,

"It was really inspiring for the students to work with a real muso, and Tali's experience in the classroom was an obvious added plus!!"