Introducing ĀMIO Mentoring

  • Introducing ĀMIO Mentoring
Introducing ĀMIO Mentoring

Introducing ĀMIO Mentoring

The MPG, with the generous support of the NZ Music Commission, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new pilot programme – ĀMIO Mentoring!

Their first mentors are available to book now, with weekly additions being added over the coming weeks.

ĀMIO means to orbit, roam, and travel around, and our hope is that this programme will allow our members to engage in a circular exchange of knowledge that enriches their mahi in the music sector.

The initiative brings music creators three phenomenal offerings:

Zoom Mentoring Sessions where mentees will gain invaluable insight from industry professionals
Studio Observation Sessions in which successful applicants will be paired with a producer and sit in on a recording session to observe their workflow
3 Hands-On DAW Workshops covering the latest upskilling techniques in Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton

MPG Full Members are now able to request ĀMIO Zoom Mentoring sessions through their website, with a second round coming soon which is extended to Free Members. Applications are open for their Studio Observation Sessions until July 31 at 5pm, and details regarding the Hands-On Workshops will be announced in the coming weeks. Paid and free memberships along with details of ĀMIO available at