Musicians Mentoring in Schools – a Look Back at 2023

  • Musicians Mentoring in Schools – a Look Back at 2023
Musicians Mentoring in Schools – a Look Back at 2023

Musicians Mentoring in Schools – a Look Back at 2023

As Schools around the country head back to start Term 1, we have been compiling the results of the Musicians Mentoring in Schools Programme results for last year all across Aotearoa.

This year, the Musicians Mentoring in Schools Programme achived some remarkable results. Thank you to all the Mentors who worked in schools insipiring and guiding our rangitahi last year!

School Engagement
We extended our reach to 74 schools across New Zealand, which significantly expanded our programme’s footprint. Our programme was actively involved with at least 2,011 students, which underscores the strong demand and broad student participation.

Total Mentorship Hours
650 mentorship hours were delivered during this period, exceeding the contract target of 600 hours. This accomplishment emphasises our dedication to offering extensive support and educational opportunities.

Rural Engagement
An impressive 63% of the mentorship activities took place outside the five main urban centres defined by the Ministry of Education. This substantial rural engagement surpasses the contract target of 30%, showcasing our commitment to providing equal access to educational resources.

Decile Representation
Approximately 68% of the schools that received mentoring had decile ratings between 1 and 6, exceeding the contract target of 60%, indicating a balanced representation across schools with different decile ratings.

Lead Teachers’ Feedback
An overwhelming 99% of the lead teachers/kaiako provided the programme with valuable feedback. Among the 64 lead teachers, 62 responded with highly positive feedback, reflecting the programme’s effectiveness in delivering quality mentorship. The remaining two participants also responded with mostly positive feedback.

Participant Diversity
Our programme maintained a diverse representation of students with different gender identities, with 55.4% being male, 42.64% female, and 1.96% identifying as non-binary or preferring not to specify.

Cultural Inclusivity
It is estimated that at least 27% of the students involved in the programme are Māori, reflecting our commitment to engaging with New Zealand’s cultural diversity. Additionally, 9% of the students are Pasifika, emphasising our inclusivity and cultural responsiveness.

Applications for schools to host a Musicians mentor for 2024 are open now. HOD Music and Music Teachers can email for more details and an application form.