Aotearoa-Filipina Pop-star Ms. Mia Unveils Debut EP, Living in the Shadows

  • Aotearoa-Filipina Pop-star Ms. Mia Unveils Debut EP, <em>Living in the Shadows</em>
Aotearoa-Filipina Pop-star Ms. Mia Unveils Debut EP, <em>Living in the Shadows</em>

Aotearoa-Filipina Pop-star Ms. Mia Unveils Debut EP, Living in the Shadows

Aoteaora-Filipina artist Ms. Mia has today unveiled her glistening and gritty debut EP Living in the Shadows!

Following the success of her previously released singles ‘Strange Life’ (Pirate Radio NZ, Kiwiradio, NZ Music Month ‘Celebrating Wāhine’ Spotify Playlist), ‘This Game’ (13th floor, R1, JUICE TV) and ‘Going For The Kill’ (Tearaway, R1, NZOA Fresh Cuts / Puoro Hou), Living in the Shadows is a bold debut EP full of layers and theatre. Each of the five EP tracks are so well crafted and curated that the listening experience is a fully immersive journey – similar to that of a theatre production – with an accomplished band in the pit and commanding presence on stage.

“This is my debut so it is very special to me,” says Ms. Mia. “The whole EP was built around the theme of ‘living in the shadows’, so it captures that journey but also gives a hint of optimism, so I hope [listeners] go on this emotional, sonic journey and feel something – maybe be inspired to move out of the shadows and into the light.”

With the release of the EP comes the release of new cabaret-style single ‘Shadows’ – a song the artist says draws on the vibes of a 1920s speakeasy and sets the theme of ‘living in the shadows’ in different aspects of life – career, love, emotions. “The song’s theme is about going away from living a life according to what society dictates,” explains Ms. Mia, “especially climbing that ladder for a career which might look good on paper, but doesn’t fulfill you and slowly kills your spirit over time. This song is always a good reminder for whenever I find myself doing work that is not aligned with my soul and creative intent.”

The other new tracks are ‘Butterflies’ – a moody track with pent up angst when settling for someone, and the EP’s final track ‘Not Cryin’, an emotional song filled with optimism for the future. “Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I’ll play it and feel a bit better,” says Ms Mia. “Maybe, somewhere in the world, it will make someone else feel a bit better by listening to it.”

Made with the support of the Asian Artists Fund Foundations North/Creative NZ, and NZ On Air, Ms. Mia worked with an impressive range of talent for the EP. “I’ve learnt a lot on this journey and am grateful to have had all the musicians and collaborators that helped to shape it.”

Those musicians and collaborators include Fiachra Kinder (drummer for Hozier hit single ‘Take Me To Church’) on drums/percussion, Tee Hao-Aicken (Ersha Island) – violin, Sam Mandeno-Clay (Borderline)- guitar, 김연범 (B.Bum) – bass, Christian Tjandrawinata – guitar/bass/synth, Dean Rodrigues – bass/drums/percussion and Clarissa Chai – synth and all programmed instruments. Producer Clarissa Chai was also involved in co-writing, mixing and producing, while recording engineer’s Christian Tjandrawinata and Emily Wheatcroft-Snape worked on it across Roundhead Studios (‘Shadows’ + ‘Not Cryin’), Parachute Studios (‘This Game’ + ‘Going For The Kill’ ) and Movespace (‘Butterflies’) – before the EP was mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog Studios.

Having burst onto the music scene with her mesmerizing melodies, heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals, this debut EP Living in the Shadows brings such exciting, masterful musical intrigue, that it is sure to keep listeners listening and anticipating much more from the rising star that is Ms. Mia. Press play now to begin the journey!

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