Aotearoa Popstar Jason Parker Releases New Single + Video, ‘Crash’

  • Aotearoa Popstar Jason Parker Releases New Single + Video, ‘Crash’
Aotearoa Popstar Jason Parker Releases New Single + Video, ‘Crash’

Aotearoa Popstar Jason Parker Releases New Single + Video, ‘Crash’

Today, Aotearoa New Zealand popstar Jason Parker will mark his seismic return to music with the release of his electrifying single ‘Crash,’ a track that entrances while it devastates, glistens while it shatters.

Through his fearlessness and agency as a songwriter, Parker has become a magician at harnessing the power of pop to embrace darkness while simultaneously offering a cathartic release. ‘Crash’ is a testament to Parker’s depth as a songwriter, exploring the collision of emotions after a calamitous love, and the relentless indifference of the passage of time after one of life’s deep shocks.

“A crash is sudden and so was the breakup. Sharp and unexpected,” says Parker on the inspiration of the track. “I felt terribly guilty for breaking a promise to a person I’d loved and devastated that I had been so blind to the warning signs. I think the line that sums up the themes of ‘Crash’ best is ‘I feel like a dead man walking.’ A reminder that no matter how shocked you’re feeling, life just keeps going.”

Produced by Maude Minnie Morris, ‘Crash‘ showcases both artists’ ability to stir the souls of listeners while weaving dramatic pop tapestries that stay with the audience long after the song ends. “Working with Maude has been an incredibly fulfilling experience,” says Parker. “I feel like we were destined to meet and make this record together. From the moment I played Maude my demo of ‘Crash’ she was so excited. Maude is supportive, receptive, and super talented. Before working with her I had mostly worked on production remotely, so even the experience of being physically next to Maude for every decision has made me more inspired by music and so proud of the bangers we have created.”

Adding to the allure of ‘Crash’ is the stunning music video shot in the alleyways of Osaka, Japan with Daisy Thor-Poet of Tinted Productions. “Daisy had moved to Osaka and invited me to come stay to shoot the video for ‘Crash‘. I’d never traveled further than Sydney so jumped at the opportunity. It was a full day of running around the streets of Osaka singing in alleyways and train stations. We had people coming up to us all day excited and inquisitive about what we were filming. I literally started the day dying my hair in a hostel bath room and ended it at the biggest sushi train I’d ever seen. The whole day was really a popstar fantasy moment.”

This is not the first time Parker and Thor-Poet have worked together, winning Best Music Video at the New Zealand Youth Film Awards for Parker’s track ‘This Is My Year.’

Parker has already garnered attention for his unique approach to music that merges unapologetically pop bangers with fearless emotional depth.

He is the founder and curator of Little Gay In, a gig series showcasing the best of Aotearoa’s queer talent quickly becoming a staple of the music scene. He also made significant strides in 2022 with his hit single ‘How To Be Lonely,’ with the song reaching #4 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles chart and #32 on the Hot 40 NZ Singles chart and receiving significant airplay. Parker’s success extended beyond radio, with features on TV One’s “1 NEWS Tonight” and Juice TV’s “The Plug Show,” as well as coverage in various publications like NZ Musician, Express Magazine, and STYLE Mag.

Crash’ also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Parker as the first track off his upcoming EP, Fairy Bread. “The idea of Fairy Bread really is about taking something and making it better. For example, plain white bread and adding sprinkles, and that is what Fairy Bread is. Coming from darkness into light.”

Crash’ releases today, April 12th via Aotearoa New Zealand independent label Bigpop Records.

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