Audioculture: Aotearoa’s Hero Guitars

  • Audioculture: <em>Aotearoa’s Hero Guitars</em>
Audioculture: <em>Aotearoa’s Hero Guitars</em>

Audioculture: Aotearoa’s Hero Guitars

Today, Audioculture | Iwi Waiata has shared a Part Two of their Ten Hero Guitars piece, looking at the guitar gear behind some of Aotearoa’s biggest musical heroes.

Back in 2019 Glen Moffatt shared his first article on Ten Hero Guitars featuring “interesting New Zealand guitars with their own stories”. This was in response to the fervent buzz regarding the treasure of a guitar which dominated the cover of the the era-defining AK79 album.

Once the article was published, guitar fanatics were sharing an overflow of additional guitars that have shaped the soundscape of Aotearoa. This month, Glen has written another piece Ten More Hero Guitars to highlight another ten noteworthy guitars.

Read the original Ten Hero Guitars article from 2019 here and the 2024 New Zealand Music Month Part Two version Ten More Hero Guitars here.

Looking at our “amplifying innovation” theme this week, Audioculture have also published a piece on guitars made right from home: Ten guitars – NZ-made guitars. This piece by Gordon Spittle will sure have the musical tech-heads geeking out on some stellar workmanship right from home.

Read the Ten guitars – NZ-made guitars on Audioculture here.

Check out all things Audioculture | Iwi Waiata below:

Pictured: Julia Deans and her Fender Coronado II