BAkeR’s Moonface EP Rises Today

  • BAkeR’s <em>Moonface</em> EP Rises Today
BAkeR’s <em>Moonface</em> EP Rises Today

BAkeR’s Moonface EP Rises Today

BAkeR‘s second EP Moonface is out today, following his acclaimed debut EP Eternal Now, released in February 2023.

The first single from the three-track EP is the title track ‘Moonface‘, which has been playlisted on Sydney’s Antipodes Radio, and the newly-launched Radio South.

Rallying against authority in its various forms runs through the Moonface EP, and the songs are essentially BAkeR’s reflection on Bob Marley’s refrain, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”, updated for these times.

The Moonface EP was recorded in Kerikeri over Easter weekend with producer Dan Hewson, (the son of the late Paul Hewson from Dragon) who BAkeR says is “brilliant at what he does.”

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