Band and Deliver: Kickstarting Youth Music in the Bay of Plenty

  • Band and Deliver: Kickstarting Youth Music in the Bay of Plenty
Band and Deliver: Kickstarting Youth Music in the Bay of Plenty

Band and Deliver: Kickstarting Youth Music in the Bay of Plenty

Band and Deliver is where young musicians & bands can look, listen, and learn. It opens the doors to whatever they want their musical journey to be.

Band and Deliver
Where: The Jam Factory – The Historic Village Tauranga
When: May 17th (First event)
Facebook event:

Band and Deliver is an exciting project returning to the Jam Factory this year with the mission to enable young people hands on experience in live gig planning and performance in a nurtured environment steeped in collaboration.

About to kick off its second year showcasing a new lineup of new musical stars, Band and Deliver is a brainchild collaboration made up of the following musical champions:

Marc Anderson, event, and festival producer, also a seasoned musician with an incredible career working with an impressive song sheet of international acts such as Tom Jones, Shirley Basset, Jimmy Barnes, Mary J Blige, Prince and even Michael Jackson – the man himself.

Aaron Wright, a music educator, Head of Department at Tauranga Boys college and musician.

The Music team at the Jam Factory Tauranga, Nigel Gregory and Bret Williams, both with a hardwired commitment to create accessible and supported opportunities to see young musicians flourish and to help develop their own audience and following.

Marc Anderson explains, “Band and Deliver is an exciting project that enables young musos and their peers to gain live music performance, production experience and confidence in a chilled and nurturing environment that is steeped in creative camaraderie.

“I have played drums since I was 12 back in the day while at school. There was the local Scottish Pipe Band or Brass Band, which were fantastic but to be honest, I wanted to be a rock star and there was no local platform to help take the path to get there with confidence.

“Nowadays there are more avenues for young musicians if they want to have more fun with music and learn more and there is proof of this with the amount of young exceptional talent coming up through the ranks heading off to make their name nationally and globally succeeding in their dreams of a music career.

“Band and Deliver strives to be one of Tauranga’s local platforms to show it’s possible to to go far when they set their minds to it in music. Band and Deliver is a place where young people can communicate with each other musically, meet follow musicians, jam, and learn that it can be fun but also sound professional!”

“Band and Deliver is not only for aspiring performers, but those interested to learn musicians’ stage craft – there’s a cooperative skill to learn between sound and performers on stage. Gently encouraging the drummer to not hit the crap out of the drums to show-off when the sound person is tuning his sound system or concentrating on getting the vocal sound right is a superpower!”

“Aspiring music technicians are invited to have a go mixing and recording live sound, being introduced to a taste of what goes into live music production. Who wouldn’t want to play with all those buttons, lights and knobs and make live music sound even better?

As part of the gang who is getting Band and Deliver together, I am very excited for the second season at the Jam Factory at the Historic Village.”

Season One featured some high energy acts and super talented singer-songwriters from Otumoetai College, Pāpāmoa College, Tauranga Boys College as well as other young independent musos. The Band and Deliver team hopes to pump up the participation for the Season 2 series.

Acknowledgement for the sponsorship and support of the Creative Communities Scheme Tauranga, Maca Productions, The Incubator Creative Hub and the volunteer time of those who make these events possible.

If you are a school-age performer, solo, duo or band, who wants to take part, or a sponsor looking to support this ongoing initiative please sing out!

The Jam Factory is a boutique community music venue part of the Incubator Creative Hub based at the at the Historic Village Tauranga.

For more details, please visit the event page here.