Catching Up with The Track Factory Director, Campbell Downie

  • Catching Up with The Track Factory Director, Campbell Downie
Catching Up with The Track Factory Director, Campbell Downie

Catching Up with The Track Factory Director, Campbell Downie

Campbell Downie, a versatile composer, musician, and producer, is gaining international recognition for his innovative sounds and enthralling compositions. As a director at The Track Factory (along with his brother Gavin), a distinguished music production company affiliated and signed with WIZR Music in Paris, Campbell’s creations are enjoyed by audiences around the globe, providing music for various international applications.

Campbell embarked on his musical odyssey at just 14 years old, performing with the band Splitting Image in Auckland, New Zealand. These modest origins ignited his fervour for music, propelling him to chase his aspirations onto the global stage.

After moving to the United Kingdom, Campbell’s talent and commitment led him to graduate from the esteemed University of Westminster. Throughout his tenure in the UK, Campbell contributed his expertise to various projects, thereby establishing himself as a versatile and in-demand musician, musical director and producer.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Campbell created history by being the sole individual to compose an entire album Pandemic A Journey Through Music influenced by the recent global pandemic. This innovative endeavour garnered the attention of Radio New Zealand, leading to widespread praise and acknowledgement for his creative and innovative contributions.

Alongside his individual projects, Campbell partners with Little Grey Cell. His latest work, Dystopia, explores the present global condition, providing a compelling auditory and emotional experience for his audience. Dystopia is the 5th Album released by Campbell and is available on all streaming platforms.

Commenting on his latest project, Campbell Downie said, “Music has the power to transcend boundaries and evoke emotions like nothing else. With Dystopia, I aimed to capture the essence of our ever-changing world and spark meaningful conversations about the issues we face today.”

Campbell Downie with his varied portfolio and relentless passion for music, consistently challenges the limits of creativity and innovation.

Campbell Downie Album Releases:
Pandemic A Journey Through Music – 2021
Walking Miles – 2021
Pictures of Life – 2021
Tracks from the Office – 2022
Winter 22 – 2022
Dystopia – 2024