Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Deliver Fiery Debut Single + Video ‘Mercy’

  • Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Deliver Fiery Debut Single + Video ‘Mercy’
Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Deliver Fiery Debut Single + Video ‘Mercy’

Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Deliver Fiery Debut Single + Video ‘Mercy’

Step into the depths of the unknown, immerse yourself in the intoxicating sounds and witness the arrival of Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie, a brand new swamp-blues, soul-rock fusion band from the heart of Taranaki.

Evoking unearthly imagery of a fire and brimstone sermon, ‘Mercy’ is a powerful bone-shaking debut track from Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie, who bring their fresh, modern brand of spirited soul-stirring magic to the unsuspecting blues and rock world.

Flitting between the thresholds of heaven and hell, damnation, salvation and redemption, with ‘Mercy’ lead singer-songwriter Courtnay Low delivers up a fervent sermon harnessing the full potency of her musical apostles to let loose an almighty dose of authentic dirty Delta Blues.

Powerhouse vocalist and founder Courtnay has uncovered a creative well in her passion for the arts, and expresses her artistry with lyrics that delve into stories of heartache, resilience, and the vast continuum of raw emotions that define the human experience.

Says Courtnay: “My lyrics delve into the complexities of human existence, exploring themes of love, controversy, loss, triumph, and vulnerability. Through my songs, I hope to spark emotions, ignite memories, and offer a refuge for those seeking solace in the symphony of life.”

Conduits of a raw, searing energy infused with an exceedingly vast range of collective influences, Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie are steeped in the mystique of genre bending swamp vibes, melding a tantalising blend of traditional blues instruments and contemporary elements.

Born from the depths of inspiration and fuelled by a shared love for the blues, the band features the masterful talents of: Chad Williams (drums); Keith Parker (bass); Courtnay Low (rhythm guitar/lead vocal); Anna Rowe (backing vocals) and Tim Lloyd (lead guitar).

Recorded and mixed by talented engineer Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace in Ōakura and mastered by Chris Chetland at Auckland’s Kog Studios, ‘Mercy’ is imbued with the richness and tone envisioned by Courtnay and the band. Gritty guitar riffs resonate like the fierce call of the wild, vocals weep and howl with an otherworldly allure, and a grooving rhythm section injects an infectious energy as the band weaves a sound comprised of a mesmerising tapestry of old and new.

Visual arts, human emotion, and literature all have a deep influence on Courtnay’s creative works, so when it came to the video she imparted her narrative and vision for the proposed video with the team at Taranaki-based studio Fused, and the result is a truly magnificent realisation of her original striking concept.

The creative vibe is clearly at peak strength in Taranaki, with the recent musical and visual output setting the local music scene on fire. Courtnay is also a collaborator with fellow Taranaki alt-blues rockers The Mons Whaler, recently becoming the fourth member of the band and together they have just released a spectacular ten-track debut album Hold My Gun which is receiving widespread praise across the motu.

Now it’s time for Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie to shine their light, so let them lead you on an evocative musical voyage through the heartland of the blues, where the waters run deep, stories unfold, and the music keeps you moving.

Unforgettable and electric, their hypnotic swamp blues magic will leave you hungry for more and eager to witness the rise of this exceptional new band. Convert to the musical church of Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie and get ready to groove and discover a world of jaw-dropping blues music like never before.

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