Dateline Share Their Second Single of 2024 ‘Hands’

  • Dateline Share Their Second Single of 2024 ‘Hands’
Dateline Share Their Second Single of 2024 ‘Hands’

Dateline Share Their Second Single of 2024 ‘Hands’

Dateline is the musical project of Katie Everingham (she/her), a musician and songwriter based in Te Whanganui a Tara (Wellington).

Since 2019 her band has been a revolving cast of Aotearoa’s brightest talent, with previous incarnations including members of The Beths, Hans Pucket, and Dick Move. Returning in 2024, Everingham is joined by Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (Ebony Lamb, French For Rabbits, Glass Vaults), Phoebe Johnson (Ebony Lamb, Revulva), and Reuben McDonald.

Everingham’s lyrical prowess and humorous story telling aptly captures the complex emotions and vulnerabilities that come with motherhood and moving into your early thirties. Resonating with deep emotion, Dateline’s back catalogue packs a one-two punch of crunched guitars and power pop sensibilities.

Today, Dateline share ‘Hands’, the second single of 2024, following up their SRN & Radioscope Alt chart topping track ‘Choose Me’.

“Exceptionally catchy and wryly emotive” –

“Dateline is a classically NZ bit of self-deprecation” – RNZ, The Sampler

“Everingham always shows a deft touch when it comes to combining crunchy guitar lines and earnest melodies” – Rolling Stone AUS/NZ

Hands’ sees Katie Everingham explore new songwriting techniques, playing with vocal delivery and character. The song slowly builds tension, working up to a screams of frustration, all the while Everingham pits the protagonist against the ennui of modern living.

“I wanted to write a song that wasn’t just from my perspective,” says Everingham. “I completed a short online songwriting course a year ago and a prompt or suggestion had been to write a song about a made up character.

“I came up with the idea of someone kind of stuck in a monotonous work and life situation. Just chugging through the days and nights, looking and longing for more, but not wanting to completely blow up their life.They’re fantasising about a different life they could be leading.”

“I’d say there are elements of that kind of experience that lots of us can relate to. I don’t always feel like getting up and going to work etc, but I was leaning into creating a character who is really at their limit.”

Hands’ was recorded and mixed by Jonathan Pearce (The Beths) at Vogelmorn Hall and mastered by Oliver Devlin (Hans Pucket).

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Photo credit: Nicola Sandford