Family Band Release Their Debut EP, The Dog Box

  • Family Band Release Their Debut EP, <em>The Dog Box </em>
Family Band Release Their Debut EP, <em>The Dog Box </em>

Family Band Release Their Debut EP, The Dog Box

Sam Shepherd (he/him), Maté Vella (he/him) and Brandee Thorburn (she/her) are Family Band, a gnarly noise group based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.

Formed in 2023 while all three members were flatting together, Family Band take influence from Chicago noise rock and late 00’s Trans-Tasman post-punk. In their short time together Family Band have become one of Tāmaki’s favourite live acts supporting cult favourite international talent Worst Vibes (AUS) and Liturgy (USA).

Following the release of their chart topping singles ‘Large Dirt Piles’ and ‘Spit’, Family Band now share their debut The Dog Box (out digitally on April 30 via Sunreturn). To celebrate the band will perform in Tāmaki Makaurau and Kirikiriroa over the next fortnight – tickets are available from Undertheradar.

Family Band’s post punk and noise rock is rooted in unease, repetition and pain. The Dog Box is five songs that howl with guitar feedback, slice with rhythm and growl in a deep baritone.

While the band’s output can be burdensome, the group remains rather upbeat. Sam Shepherd says “We were excited just to have enough songs for an EP so we thought let’s go for it.” Brandee Thorburn notes “We just kind of did it because it seemed like a fun thing to do with your friends. Now that we aren’t living together anymore, it’s nice knowing we have something that captures that time and place.” Maté Vella agrees and feels “very happy about finishing the EP. I’m grateful to Sam and Brandee for doing the band with me, it was awesome having a little routine of coming home and practicing and having a laugh.”

To celebrate Family Band are performing throughout May, tickets are available from Undertheradar.

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