Feel the Vibe of NLC’s Newest Single ‘Lost’

  • Feel the Vibe of NLC’s Newest Single ‘Lost’
Feel the Vibe of NLC’s Newest Single ‘Lost’

Feel the Vibe of NLC’s Newest Single ‘Lost’

Led by singer-songwriter Baz Muir, NLC from Whanganui is about to drop a new single ahead of its performance at the Newtown Festival in Wellington on March 3.

“Our new song is called ‘Lost’, which we believe will touch the hearts of everyone who listens to it, or who gets to see us perform it live this summer. It’s about people that are struggling to find happiness in life, unsure about what’s around the corner. We believe this song is very honest, very relatable, and we just want everyone to hear it and feel the vibe.”

The single will be released on March 2 and the music video will follow a few weeks later across all digital platforms.

Muir wrote the song, and he co-produced it with Hikaiti Witika, recorded at V.I.C Records. The single was mastered by Chris Chetland from Kog Studios.

NLC has already ticked off two gigs for the 2023-24 summer tour season, performing at the Festival of Lights in Taranaki in January and then at the One Love Festival in Tauranga in February.

“We’re always grateful that concerts like One Love and the Festival of Lights give us an opportunity to perform our original music live. The experience we get just inspires us to create more music, build momentum, gain some more followers and share our musical journey.”

NLC has been making good music, in English and te reo Māori, for more than a decade and has picked up awards as well as support from NZ On Air to continue producing albums, singles and music videos.

The band won the Best Roots Reggae Album (Te Tohu Kōpaeroa Autaia) by a Māori artist, at the 2023 National Waiata Māori Music Awards, for their work on the album On the Fly. It was a category it also won in 2019, for the album, Know Your Roots.

“It is humbling and an honour to be recognised at the music awards,” Muir said. “So much work is involved in creating music but it is very fulfilling. We hope the award will help propel our music further and open a few more doors for us to perform at gigs and in particular, festivals.”

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