Fin Rah Zel Share Heart-Break with Soothing New Song, ‘Going Home’

  • Fin Rah Zel Share Heart-Break with Soothing New Song, ‘Going Home’
Fin Rah Zel Share Heart-Break with Soothing New Song, ‘Going Home’

Fin Rah Zel Share Heart-Break with Soothing New Song, ‘Going Home’

“I guess it’s easy to assume people will always be around, and it’s easy to put things off like family time and meaningful conversations. But really life is so fragile and I reckon we all need to take each step with gratitude and really appreciate the people around us.”Fin Rah Zel singer Brian Norton

Truly heartfelt and a gentle acceptance of the fragility of life itself, ‘Going Home’ is a universal love song that offers solace in times of great grief and sadness.

Fans of Fin Rah Zel are familiar with the rising indie soul stars distinct blend of dreamy zen, infectious optimism and catchy summer vibes, as evoked in their radio smash hit ‘Unity’ and their growing back catalogue of impressive tunes.

But a life curve ball sees the band shift gears down a notch to offer a big warm, enveloping hug of a tune with this incredibly moving, stripped-back, and gospel-tinged song ‘Going Home’.

Borne out of the heart-rending loss of Brian’s father David Norton, who died unexpectedly while enjoying an adventure motorbike ride in the United States just last July, ‘Going Home’ is, in essence, a flawless expression of love as Brian sings:

‘…I saw him standing on the road, with his helmet in his hand
His boots dusty from the ride, and his tracks they lay in the sand
A smile it played across his face, contentment filled his eyes
He looked a man at peace, demeanour it doesn’t lie…’

A highly affecting song, ‘Going Home’ was written by a family friend who composed a poem for the service to offer comfort to the Norton family in the face of their loss.

Says Brian: “I honestly don’t know what to say about this song. My Dad’s good friend Mike Hall wrote a poem about him shortly after he passed away, and these are some of the words from that poem. It blew me away emotionally when Mike got up in front of everyone and spoke the poem out loud at Dad’s memorial service.”

An anthemic and hugely touching song sung from the perspective of someone who has passed away, the soothing melody and moving lyrics of ‘Going Home’ speak from the heart to offer comfort and solace while reflecting on the intense pain rooted in the absence of a loved one.

‘…Tell them that the lord he called, he’s got a plan for me
See I’ve got to do some time, then I’m going home you see
Speak to my beloved, and say the words I cannot say
Tell her my love for her, will wash her tears away…’

No stranger to delivering numbers that tug at the heart-strings, Fin Rah Zel are a band that consistently reaches deep within to compose songs that hit all the feels, full of gentle soulful grooves and warm-hearted uplifting messages of connection, love and hope.

Now Fin Rah Zel continue to share their uplifting messages of love, hope and connection in a different type of deepest cut, hoping that it will provide solace to those in their times of sadness and grief. While there is still a profound personal rawness attached to ‘Going Home’, Brian feels ready to share this song wide as part of his journey to process his own grief stating:

“The poem helped me make some sense of the bigger picture, and to look back on life with Dad in it as a real blessing. And to also look forward and act as if Dad is right behind me, encouraging me to take chances and to not hold back – keep giving things a shot. And who knows, maybe by sharing it ‘Going Home’ will bring some solace, comfort and relief to others going through the same process too.”

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