Flaxxies Drop New Dreamy Alt-Pop Single ‘Blister’ + Announce Three Shows

  • Flaxxies Drop New Dreamy Alt-Pop Single ‘Blister’ + Announce Three Shows
Flaxxies Drop New Dreamy Alt-Pop Single ‘Blister’ + Announce Three Shows

Flaxxies Drop New Dreamy Alt-Pop Single ‘Blister’ + Announce Three Shows

A momentary departure from their signature sun-drenched surf-rock-reggae blend, fun-loving musical adventurers Flaxxies drop a reflective and heartfelt tune with ‘Blister’.

“Dream your life away, Dream your life away… You’re just a dime in the debt, Upholding promises and more, Broken history on the floor… And it’s blistering…”

An introspective take on a classic narrative that is sure to resonate with many, ‘Blister’ is a gentle, thoughtful alt-pop ballad, addressing how other people’s presumptions can push you onto an undesirable career or life trajectory that isn’t really what you want, but more what they want, or wished they had followed: “Save, save me. I don’t want to chase, somebody else’s dreams…”

Produced by Ryan Cruickshank, engineered by Olly Harmer and featuring Shimna Bridget on fiddle and Grace Kelly on backing vocals, ‘Blister’ is the band’s first release for 2024.

It follows on from last years’ stand-alone single ‘Liquid Gold’ and the release of their acclaimed EP SUNSTRUCK which featured singles ‘Snapped Up (By The Boss)’, ‘Time To Go’, and ‘Cast Me Away’ – all of which received widespread radio airplay, and coveted spots on the HOT 20 NZ SINGLE CHART.

Blister’ speaks to the twin torments of vulnerability and uncertainty that comes with the unwelcome expectations and demands adults put onto younger people as they transition from the relatively anodyne, angst-ridden teenage years to the more demanding, decision-making years of early adulthood. All too often these decisions can be inadvertently made for young adults purely because they haven’t had the chance to find out for themselves what it is they truly want to pursue, and that is a vital component to living a happy, fulfilling life.

Says the band: “From school, we are pushed into directions that we may not always want. Who knows what they want by the age of 18? Some of us went into career paths that just weren’t for us and we soon realised that. Often many of us chase our parents’ dreams to make them proud and fulfil a certain role within the family. But the truth is you have to set out on your own path and figure out what’s going to make you smile each day.”

Fast becoming one of Aotearoa’s most in-demand young live acts, the old high school mates, Eric Goodger (lead guitar), Nick Tait (rhythm guitar), Chris Manning (bass/trumpet), and Benji Humphries (lead singer) alongside Neo Lee (drums) are currently enjoying a reputation for always bringing their infectious fun-filled energy to every show, and are accumulating a solid live following wherever they perform.

Meanwhile the band are working with Tiki Taane on another new single ‘Heart Of Fire’ due out in the next few months, as they enthuse: “We are currently deep in the process of producing this one, and we can’t wait for everyone to get their ears around it!”

It’s been a long time between shows, so Flaxxies are keen to leave the warmth of the studio and are ready to keep the winter blues at bay by bringing their positive vibes and sun-drenched surf-rock to the party for an adrenalising good time with their fans and wider whanāu. The short jaunt starts in Wellington and includes a special stop in the charming ski resort town of Ohakune, before wrapping up back home in Auckland.

Friday 16 August | Meow, Wellington
Saturday 17 August | Turoa Lodge, Ohakune
Friday 23 August | Double Whammy, Auckland

For more information and tickets, please visit their website here.

Anyone who has seen them live knows that the energy they bring to a show makes FLAXXIES a must-see act! Round up your mates and snap up your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Photo credit: Tom Grut