Frau Knotz Delivers Lush New Single ‘Other Futures’ Ahead of Forthcoming Debut EP

  • Frau Knotz Delivers Lush New Single ‘Other Futures’ Ahead of Forthcoming Debut EP
Frau Knotz Delivers Lush New Single ‘Other Futures’ Ahead of Forthcoming Debut EP

Frau Knotz Delivers Lush New Single ‘Other Futures’ Ahead of Forthcoming Debut EP

Aotearoa electronica artist Frau Knotz (Lauren Nottingham) has returned today with the beat-centric and uplifting new single ‘Other Futures’. This is the second single to be released off her forthcoming debut EP Nextraterrestrial, out 23rd August 2024.

Originally an instrumental lo-fi hip-hop beat off the album ‘Other Futures’ by Daniel Hayles (Hollie Smith, Lord Echo, Clear Path Ensemble), Frau Knotz has penned lyrics and adapted his track with her distinct sonic angle.

Featuring scat singing, lush chord voicings and an eighth-note piano line, the Jazz that lies at the heart of both musicians shines forth. Frau Knotz has melded these elements seamlessly with synth instruments and auto-tuned vocals for artistic effect, underpinned by a heavy-hitting electronic beat. Her undeniable skill for straddling genres to present a unique sound has been put on full display. Lyrically, Lauren says, “the song title gave me so much to work with, along with the repeated melody line, it was a no-brainer to follow this thread and pen a hopeful story of the future.”

Long-time friends and collaborators, Daniel and Lauren both gained Jazz degrees at the New Zealand School of Music, where Daniel is now in his ninth year as a Lecturer in Teaching. Last year Frau Knotz was invited by Daniel to perform as a guest artist with his Other Futures Big Band for the Wellington Jazz Festival, performing ‘Other Futures’ to a packed audience at Meow, amongst other Frau Knotz originals and bespoke arrangements of iconic songs from Kate Bush, Chicago and George Gershwin.

Arriving on Wednesday, June 12th, is the ‘Other Futuresmusic video, a captivating piece of 3D animation work set on the moon, highlighting the stunning visual craftsmanship of Christchurch-born, LA-based Blue Hamel a.k.a Halfofnothing (lilbubblegum, Childish Gambino). The video will premiere on Frau Knotz’ YouTube channel at 7pm that evening for fans to experience live and chat with the artists.

Mastered by Joshua Llewellyn at Downbeat Mastering and co-produced and mixed by Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studio, today’s release is the second single to come from her upcoming debut EP, following the enigmatic vignette ‘Odyssey I‘ which was met with eager support from local and international media, featuring on The Most FM, Radio Control FM, The Hits, 13th Floor, Muzic NZ, Zone Nights (Argentina), Expansión Radial (Mexico) and reviewed by Flash-Trax.

Other Futures’ is at its core ‘cerebral’ with its richly layered textures, Frau Knotz’s voice donning a vocaloid sensitivity that still exhibits warmth and emotion. The track offers a vision of a time in which our digital accessories might become places for self-expression and improvement, in the next phase of the technological age.

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