Grecco Romank Return with New Music Video ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt’

  • Grecco Romank Return with New Music Video ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt’
Grecco Romank Return with New Music Video ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt’

Grecco Romank Return with New Music Video ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt’

Billie Fee (she/her), Mikey Sperring (he/him – Drab Doo Riffs, Bib Kids) and Damian Golfinopoulos (he/him, Stress Cadet) are the members of Grecco Romank, a Tāmaki Makaurau based trio who make electronic music perfectly suited for a European Dungeon Rave.

Just when you thought the Grecco Romank experience couldn’t get any more 3D, the Auckland industrial-rave band have transmuted their form, abandoning meatspace for the virtual abyss. Grecco Romank have just released a new music video for 2024’s song of the summer ‘2 Hot 2 Hunt‘ ahead of their appearance at the Aotearoa Music Awards where they’re nominated for Te Manu Taki Whanokē o te Tau | Best Alternative Act.

2 Hot 2 Hunt’ is a world of sprites and polygons, of dating apps and vape smoke. Where “‘the world’s most liveable city’, Auckland, is sinking”, as the video begins. “To eat tonight, you and your furry friends must hunt the most dangerous game”: Grecco Romank.

Who these “furry friends” are, exactly, becomes clear only as the video unfolds in three parts: A virtual Auckland street, an office in the CBD, and a chase in the woods.

Since James Cameron was busy, the band hired Josh Harris-Harding as their animator-in-chief to craft Auckland’s virtual avatar. Ever a believer in supporting one’s local, Harris-Harding opted to animate Karangahape Road.

“I went on Google Maps and took a bunch of low resolution screenshots of bits of K Road and Sandringham, and I made a bunch of detritus with Google Images”, says Harris-Harding.

Featuring specks of blood, energy drink cans, Lime scooters, nang canisters, and more, viewers will recall a typical Sunday morning stroll in Auckland’s Red Light District. “I got obsessed with cataloguing tags, that was kind of interesting,” he continues. “I have a big database of tags now.”

Then, wrenched back to reality — or is it? — the viewer becomes a witness to a Stockholm Syndrome office party, featuring the real life fursuiters of Auckland. Finally a Blair-Grecco Project chase sequence where the band escapes into the darkness. Or do they?

Will the hunted become the hunter? Will the hot stay hot?

Check out all things Grecco Romank below: