hanbee Shares Shimmering Debut LP, small love

  • hanbee Shares Shimmering Debut LP, <em>small love</em>
hanbee Shares Shimmering Debut LP, <em>small love</em>

hanbee Shares Shimmering Debut LP, small love

Today, rising NZ-Korean indie pop artist hanbee unveils her eagerly awaited debut album, small love.

With each track, hanbee delicately crafts stories that resonate deeply and explores the myriad forms love can take, evoking memories of small yet profound moments of love that shape our lives. From the uncertainty of ‘maybe baby’ to the tender vulnerability of ‘deeper’, hanbee invites listeners on a journey through the complexities of human connection. small love is something familiar, but also different in many ways to my previous work,” shares hanbee. “The tracks on small love each tell a different story on the main concept but somehow come together.”

Lead singles ‘lovers’ and ‘days months years’ showcase hanbee’s signature dreamy sound, with crisp vocals that float effortlessly over breezy, lo-fi pop production. “I aimed to keep my dreamy sound, but I wanted to explore different genres and add my own color to them,” hanbee explains. “These tracks capture the essence of small love — the stories of love that may seem tiny and insignificant at first but hold immense significance in our lives.”

hanbee’s journey to this moment has been marked by steady growth and acclaim, propelled by her viral single ‘Strawberry’ and culminating in a nomination for Best New Artist at the Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards. Along the way, she has captured audiences with her distinctive sound and introspective lyricism, earning praise from Coup De Main, Rolling Stone, Frankie Magazine, Sniffers, and Pilerats, streaming support from playlists such as EQUAL, Pop n’ Fresh, softly, and Fresh Finds and taken to the stage performing at Laneway Festival, SXSW Australia, and alongside the likes of Men I Trust, Fazerdaze, and Telenova.

To celebrate the release of small love, hanbee will be performing live at the Golden Age Cinema stage with Hans. for their joint headline show on July 20. Fans can RSVP to the headline show HERE.

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Photo credit: Chris Antonio