Indy Yelich Unveils Captivating New Single ‘East Coast’

  • Indy Yelich Unveils Captivating New Single ‘East Coast’
Indy Yelich Unveils Captivating New Single ‘East Coast’

Indy Yelich Unveils Captivating New Single ‘East Coast’

Today, Indy Yelich unveils her new single ‘East Coast’ via Venice Music. Through rhythmic fluctuations and dynamic beats, the song explores themes of fleeting moments and temporary highs, showcasing Indy’s versatile storytelling abilities.

East Coast’ delves into the emotional turbulence of a toxic, yet passionate relationship. Indy shares, “I wrote ‘East Coast’ after a toxic on-and-off relationship finally came to an end. I had been traveling back and forth from NY to LA every couple of weeks, and it was taking a toll on me. Arguments over the phone, co-dependency across two coasts, and I just had this moment where I was driving along the PCH with friends and I was getting all these long text messages, and I just felt like throwing my phone out the window.”

Indy also explores the power dynamics in the relationship, adding, “I was in my early twenties, but he wanted me to be such a grownup, and I just wanted to be free and to create music that I love.” The song depicts the emotional struggle and ultimate liberation from a relationship that was slowly falling apart.

East Coast’ isn’t just about the physical locations of New York and California; it’s about the feeling of living out of a suitcase and sacrificing personal peace to pursue a career. Indy explains, “While I have such a strong sense of identity in New York, I’m sacrificing that peace to go to California consistently to pursue a career.” Echoing themes of liberation and escapism, Indy wanted the chorus to feel like a rush, a catharsis, giving in to a feeling, wind in your hair – sunroof open, letting it all go. The single encapsulates the cathartic moment when she realized the relationship was over. “‘East Coast’ is an ode to saying goodbye to something that no longer serves you,” she reflects.

After her debut EP, Threads, Indy returns with her electrifying new single ‘East Coast’. She continues to embrace her authentic sound seeping with poetic lyricism, much like the enchanting tales woven into her singles, ‘Killer’, ‘Hometown’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Freeloader.’ Drawing inspiration from her sister, Lorde, and a passion for musical intimacy, Indy Yelich stands as a promising force in contemporary music.

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Photo Credit: Elinor Kry