Island Base & The Fringe District presents TAKE IT TO THE STREETS

  • Island Base & The Fringe District presents <em>TAKE IT TO THE STREETS</em>
Island Base & The Fringe District presents <em>TAKE IT TO THE STREETS</em>

Island Base & The Fringe District presents TAKE IT TO THE STREETS

Experience the rhythm and soul of our city as we celebrate creativity and connection.

Every Saturday throughout May, Island Base & The Fringe District are turning Kingsland’s Royal Plaza Train Station into a vibrant hub of local music talent. Get ready for an electrifying showcase of original music from a diverse lineup of talented individuals, featuring some of the finest established and emerging local artists from Island Base Masterclass.

Jasmin Lolesio Founder & Managing Director Island Base Trust says, “Take It To The Streets is the embodiment of our Island Base Masterclass program. It’s the culmination of hard work and skill development, showcasing the dedication of our participants. More than a performance, it’s a moment of connection and collaboration, where mentors and emerging artists come together, fostering a sense of community and support. By sharing their talents on the streets, our emerging artists demonstrate confidence, resilience, and passion, highlighting the transformative power of music and mentorship. It’s a celebration of creativity and the boundless potential of young artists, representing the heart and soul of our program.

Island Base is a beacon of hope and empowerment for South Pacific youth. As a non-profit organisation, our dedicated team of mentors and music industry champions share a fundamental belief: young people matter. Our Island Base passion is to ‘Empower Youth: Ignite their Potential, Amplify their Voices!‘ drives our commitment to providing support and guidance for the next generation. Through free youth mentoring in music, we aim to unite communities and empower individuals across the South Pacific. Our mission goes beyond a mere program; we offer a holistic journey of self-discovery and skill development. Recognizing the transformative power of music and mentorship, we wholeheartedly embrace their role in shaping the futures of our youth.”

Sandy Mill Island Base Master Class Programme Leader, Vocal Coach & Mentor shares “The Island Base Masterclass isn’t just about learning; it’s about empowering emerging artists to step into their greatness. Take It To The Streets is where they spread their wings, honing their craft alongside mentors and established artists. Together, we’re not just showcasing talent; we’re standing shoulder to shoulder, committed to their journey every step of the way.”

The Island Base Masterclass offers a personalised one-on-one program tailored for emerging and upcoming local musicians, producers, and artists. Applications are carefully reviewed, considering where applicants are in their musical journey, and successful applicants are matched with mentors who can provide the most valuable experience and knowledge. Their approach includes wrap-around support and learning with their mentors and music industry experts who are willing to step in, if we need extra help for our emerging artists. Their mentors are established local artists, producers, and industry experts.

For more information, visit our Master Class page on Island Base FM.