LA-based Artist Luna Shadows Announces New Album BATHWATER Unveiling Indie-pop Single ‘stay mad’

  • LA-based Artist Luna Shadows Announces New Album <em>BATHWATER </em> Unveiling Indie-pop Single ‘stay mad’
LA-based Artist Luna Shadows Announces New Album <em>BATHWATER </em> Unveiling Indie-pop Single ‘stay mad’

LA-based Artist Luna Shadows Announces New Album BATHWATER Unveiling Indie-pop Single ‘stay mad’

Critically acclaimed US-NZ artist Luna Shadows has today announced her upcoming record BATHWATER (out June 21). Along with the announcement is the release of the poignant, hook-laden new single ‘stay mad’; the third single and video to be unveiled from the album.

Lyrically ‘stay mad’ captures a myriad of personal experiences spanning Shadows’ life and explores female friendships as she’s come to know them. Centred around an organic, guitar-driven soundscape, the track is upbeat while also melancholic; hook-laden but also understated. The duality of these contradictions mirrors Shadows’ lyrics and comes together to create a song that is “emotional and fun at the same time.”

“‘stay mad’ is a musical collage of memories, cataloging closeness, confrontation, competition, cooperation, casual cruelty, and compassion,” reflects Shadows. “When I was in first grade, my best friend (who I adored) dragged me across her front lawn by the hair – just for fun. Shortly after, I made her cry at field day when she wasn’t trying hard enough to help our team win. Despite all of this, I really loved her and would’ve done anything for her.”

“In my adult life, many of my female relationships have played out similarly, only now, our weapons are more our words (or sometimes, a lack thereof). “‘stay mad’ examines my memories and relationships with women I have loved and recalling some childish acts of violence – but playing out as adults.”

Co-written and produced via Zoom with Bradley Hale (Now Now), the track was mixed by Beatriz Artola (NYC) and mastered by Jett Galindo (LA). Shadows’ sister features as a background vocalist on the track. It also features Joey Howard (touring bassist of Paramore) on bass.

The video for ‘stay mad’ – watch HERE – was created, conceptualised and directed by Shadows: “In the video, I’m just trying to perform the song, while the girls tease, taunt, dance, distract, etc,” says Shadows. “But in moments of hurt, I am reminded of our deep and meaningful connection via flashbacks to earlier moments – and I revert to caring for them, rather than enacting vengeance.”

stay mad’ follows the release of the lush ‘little rituals’ and the haunting ‘witches’ brew’, which have all received local support from the likes of RNZ, Juice TV, Radio One, The Most FM, The 13th Floor. The songs have also given fans a taste of what they can expect from Shadows’ upcoming album BATHWATER, which is out on June 21 and sees the LA-based artist leaning into her singer/songwriter roots and intricate storytelling. “I listen to a lot of genres and my previous music leaned into more pop/electronic – ‘stay mad’ is more like the songs I used to write when I first began creating music.”

Luna Shadows writes and produces out of her bedroom in LA; each song is a layered and thoughtful production, and wholly her own. Emerging in 2016, Billboard called her debut “Some of the most refreshingly soulful and haunting indie pop to come out this year.” She rapidly captured the attention of the alternative scene with early single ‘Hallelujah California’, which rose to #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, and her catalog has since independently achieved 50 million streams across platforms. Shadows’ is also known for her co-production work and touring with the award-winning NZ band The Naked And Famous.

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Photo credit: Shayla Lee