Luna Shadows Releases Final Single Before Album, Unveiling ‘bleach’

  • Luna Shadows Releases Final Single Before Album, Unveiling ‘bleach’
Luna Shadows Releases Final Single Before Album, Unveiling ‘bleach’

Luna Shadows Releases Final Single Before Album, Unveiling ‘bleach’

“Shadows’ radiant vocals float above twinkling guitar strums and a hazy beat, crafting an undeniable bop.”Rolling Stone Magazine.

Critically acclaimed US-NZ artist Luna Shadows has released her latest slice of grungy indie-pop, with the new single ‘bleach’ out today. This is the final preview ahead of her anticipated forthcoming album bathwater, out in just two weeks on June 21.

Loud, distorted, guitar-driven instrumentation is met with softer, wispy vocals that glide serenely over the track, creating a blend of 90s grunge and lyricism reminiscent of early/mid 2000s singer-songwriter records. The juxtaposition of genres is uniquely Luna Shadows; bringing together her influences to create both feminine and grunge elements. Lyrically, ‘bleach’ dives into complex emotions, relating to the pain of watching loved ones fall into false belief systems.

“I wrote this song in the midst of the pandemic, during which I observed a troubling pattern, in which so many people were losing friends and loved ones to false belief systems and the entrapments of abuse,” explains Shadows.

“It’s devastating to witness someone you care about losing touch with reality, especially when you feel powerless to help them through. Often in these situations, the more of the truth you offer, the more you are seen as the enemy, causing them to pull even further away. The only way to remain in their life is to feign indifference, to appear ambivalent, to disregard your own perception of reality. Ultimately, everyone gets caught in a web of denial.”

Luna Shadows co-wrote and produced the track alongside Bradley Hale (Now Now), which was mixed by Beatriz Artola (NYC) and mastered by Jett Galindo (LA). The Naked and Famous co-founder Thomas Powers added additional production, with the touring bassist of Paramore, Joey Howard, adding bass to the recording.

bleach’ is the sixth and final single to be unveiled from Shadows’ upcoming LP bathwater, which is out on June 21. It follows the release of ‘nudes’, ‘heroine’, ‘stay mad’, ‘little rituals’ and ‘witches’ brew’; all of which have received local support from the likes of NZ Herald, The Listener, RNZ, ZM, Rolling Stone AU/NZ, Juice TV, Radio One, The Most FM, The 13th Floor and more.

Luna Shadows writes and produces out of her bedroom in LA; each song is a layered and thoughtful production, and wholly her own. Emerging in 2016, Billboard called her debut “Some of the most refreshingly soulful and haunting indie pop to come out this year.” She rapidly captured the attention of the alternative scene with early single ‘Hallelujah California’, which rose to #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, and her catalog has since independently achieved 50 million streams across platforms. Shadows’ is also known for her co-production work and touring with the award-winning NZ band The Naked And Famous.

The release of ‘bleach’ gives fans one last glimpse into the upcoming album, out June 21. One of the last songs to be written for bathwater, Shadows says she “thought the album was done before this, and now I couldn’t imagine it without this track. It’s one of my favorites on the new record.”

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Photo credit: Alanna Durkee