MADELINE. Hypnotises with Her Latest Offering, ‘high’

  • MADELINE. Hypnotises with Her Latest Offering, ‘high’
MADELINE. Hypnotises with Her Latest Offering, ‘high’

MADELINE. Hypnotises with Her Latest Offering, ‘high’

London-based New Zealand pop-songstress MADELINE. releases her latest track ‘high’, the second release for the artist this year and a sister-single to her triumphant comeback track ‘still that girl’.

high’ captures the euphoria of realising a long-term fantasy of being intimate with “that particular person”. It celebrates the rush of emotion at the beginning of a love affair – the feeling of being high on the idea that anything is possible. The song offers another glimpse into the relationship that inspired ‘still that girl’, but this time it’s a snapshot of the beginning rather than a reflection on its end.

Born from an improv jam session, ‘high’ sonically pays homage to MADELINE.’s jazz roots with it’s simple, laid-back feel that highlights her flair for lounge vocals. The nostalgic track invites listeners to bop along to it’s infectious beat.

The song was written by MADELINE. and produced by Wellington-based producer Jake Stokes.

Reflecting on the track, MADELINE. says “high feels very natural to perform and I think that comes out of how it was created and the moment that inspired it. Everything about this song for me is just easy, relaxed and joyful. The opening line ‘I breathe you in till I feel high’ reflects on the feeling of not being able to get enough of the person that you’re with. You’re high on everything about them and the headiness they make you feel.”

She continues, “In truth, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to release this song but the time feels right. I have spent so many days walking around London listening to ‘high’ and falling in love with everything this city is. I’ve felt high on everything that my life has become which makes the song even more special. It was also very important for me to release it during Pride month. As a Pansexual person Pride to me is everything that this song represents. A celebration of love, joy and freedom.”

MADELINE.’s love of performing drips from every note, with her authenticity and commitment to her artistry really shining through. MADELINE. has once again created a safe space for her listeners to explore and reflect on their own experiences.

The song will be accompanied by a music video produced by Madeline Berry, Megan Flynn and Grace Segundo, to be released on the 19th of July.

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