MOZIE Delivers Sunshine Groove With Joy-filled New Single + Video, ‘Sonshine’

  • MOZIE Delivers Sunshine Groove With Joy-filled New Single + Video, ‘Sonshine’
MOZIE Delivers Sunshine Groove With Joy-filled New Single + Video, ‘Sonshine’

MOZIE Delivers Sunshine Groove With Joy-filled New Single + Video, ‘Sonshine’

Emerging Te Whanganui-a-Tara-based Samoan singer, songwriter and performer MOZIE, has today released her exciting new RnB-pop single ‘Sonshine’.

With an addictive upbeat groove, catchy hopeful lyrics and stunning vocals, ‘Sonshine’ is a song that effortlessly fills any space with warmth. Following her debut single ‘Not Done Loving’ (RNZ, Mai FM, SRN, NZOA NewTracks) and made with the support of NZ On Air Pasifika Single funding, the talented 24-year-old MOZIE (Moana Leota) joined forces with NZ pianist and composer Leonardo Coghini to co-write ‘Sonshine’.

“I was stoked to finally work on a song with one of my besties,” says MOZIE, “and hope that whoever listens to it, or watches the video, lets it resonate with them in their own way.”

“Essentially, it’s about knowing that when you lose something or someone, the sun will rise again. For me, when we were writing it, the song’s meaning took a slight detour – I was in the early stages of pregnancy. Each time Leo and I would come back to it, I would be slightly further along and, as I was singing/writing the lyrics, I found that the ‘sun rising again’ was my soon-to-be son – my ‘Sonshine’!”

Also released today is a new music video filled with joy, humour and human connection. Filmed at Wellington’s Breaker Bay, the video sees MOZIE make her directorial debut alongside cinematographer and editor Havea Latu of Vain Creative, and NZ artist Brett Taefu and 7-year-old actor Roman Hamlin – who both deliver glowing performances!

“I’m so happy with it!” delights MOZIE. “The concept was all about the joy children bring to us. Whether it’s through our own children, nieces, nephews, friends’ children, or just a child we pass by. The making of the video was so fun. Brett, the actor who plays the father figure, is also my real-life partner – and I went to school with Roman’s mum. It was so cool that they were willing to be part of this creative journey. Roman is an absolute superstar and his mum is his biggest cheerleader. She came along with him and would hide behind the rocks to secretly watch so he wouldn’t get nervous. I also have a great behind-the-scenes video of us all dancing to help Roman to dance on his own.”

MOZIE (Moana Leota) is a 24-year-old Wairarapa-raised, Te Whanganui-a-Tara-based Samoan artist who has a passion for storytelling. Music has always been an integral part of her life, coming from a family of singers and being actively involved in music and musical events from a young age. Her first professional work was at the age of 11, when she became the voice of the new Interislander commercial followed by the Tip Top Real New Zealand Summer commercial.

These jobs paired with her passion for the arts have opened many doors for her within the performing arts industry. After receiving her Bachelor of Creativity in 2020, she has been providing backing vocals for some of Aoteroa’s finest artists, as well as performing at commercial and private events. In 2022, after releasing her debut single ‘Not Done Loving’, she toured Aotearoa and all over America with award-winning composer, musician, comedian and actor Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords, The Muppets) on his NZ/US tour of ‘Songs Without Jokes’. This took her on many adventures and has given her fresh inspiration for her future work as an artist. With much more to come from this rising star, now is the time to experience the joy of MOZIE with this new single ‘Sonshine’!

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