NZ Indie Artist Seafarer Fables Unveils New Folk Single + Video ‘Stanislaw Lem’

  • NZ Indie Artist Seafarer Fables Unveils New Folk Single + Video ‘Stanislaw Lem’
NZ Indie Artist Seafarer Fables Unveils New Folk Single + Video ‘Stanislaw Lem’

NZ Indie Artist Seafarer Fables Unveils New Folk Single + Video ‘Stanislaw Lem’

Melbourne-based, Aotearoa indie-artist Seafarer Fables has returned from his music-release hiatus with an exciting, narrative-driven, syncopated folk single ‘Stanislaw Lem’.

The new single follows Seafarer Fables warm and weaving 2016 album Cold Climate – which was recorded at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn NYC and released through Aotearoa label Home Alone Music (French For Rabbits, Fraser Ross, City Oh Sigh). Cold Climate saw success across the alternative music space in Aotearoa and Australia (95bFM, FBI Radio Sydney) and continues to be streamed. The artist draws inspiration from his travels, folklore and storytelling, with ‘Stanislaw Lem’ once again showcasing him as a creator of subtle and thought-provoking music.

“‘Stanislaw Lem’ uses the metaphor of a space exploration journey, with some of the novelties about living and being in orbit,” explains Seafarer Fables, “but it’s about our own journeys living abroad and traveling to new unusual/unexpected places. It is a reflection of what home is, and perhaps missing, or thinking, of a particular place or period in life.”

The track came to life across Wellington and Melbourne, in collaboration with Melbourne-based artist/producer Connor Black-Harry. “Changes in my musical preferences and interests over time are reflected in the track,” says Seafarer Fables. The introspective, avant-garde writing style in ‘Stanislaw Lem’ is something listeners can expect more of from future releases, with Seafarer Fables adding that he hopes his lyrics carry “enough ambiguity for people to take something away that has meaning for them.”

Stay tuned for more, with a hypnotic and intriguing new ‘Stanislaw Lem’ music video set to be released next week on March 26. Made in collaboration with Portugal-based director Andre Abrantini and filmed at the Parque Dos Poetas, Lisbon, listeners can expect the flare of early 20th century, black and white silent expressionist films with elements of Dadaism. There is even a time-traveler based on the Portuguese artist Almada Negreiros. Seafarer Fables explains that he wanted the video to be “very analogue and hand-crafted, rather than polished and modern. I also wanted to bring something authentic from Lisbon to the video, to commemorate where it was shot, the time I spent there and the people involved in its production.”

With more music releases planned for 2024 – including a brand new EP – it is clear that Seafarer Fables is back and here to stay!

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Photo credit: Marcelle Bradbeer