NZ Trio Brother Sister Continue to Channel 80s Goodness in New Banger + Visual Feast ‘Fantasy’

  • NZ Trio Brother Sister Continue to Channel 80s Goodness in New Banger + Visual Feast ‘Fantasy’
NZ Trio Brother Sister Continue to Channel 80s Goodness in New Banger + Visual Feast ‘Fantasy’

NZ Trio Brother Sister Continue to Channel 80s Goodness in New Banger + Visual Feast ‘Fantasy’

Aotearoa electro synth-pop sibling’s Brother Sister have today shared their hot new bop, ‘Fantasy’ – complete with epic music video!

Fantasy’ follows Brother Sister’s three EPs, 10 music videos and 2023 Japan tour. Their single ‘Space’ placed on RDU’s Top 10 and ‘On a Roll’ spun on the station’s playlist. Made up of siblings Dave Thomson (synth & lead vocals), Taz Thomson (bass & lead vocals) and Ben Thomson (drums), this retrowave trio have come to be known for their uncanny ability to successfully craft high quality, highly detailed and highly entertaining 80s synth-pop music and music videos.

“From a ‘fantasy’ perspective, the song is about getting in a time machine, escaping our struggles and living life like a PG rated sci-fi movie,” explains Dave. “The reality ‘Fantasy’, is about having someone in your life that sees the world in a fantastical way, and how it can affect the relationship and your own mental health.”

Fantasy’ is a wild adventure through bouncing synth leads, Prince-like baselines, Huey Lewis and the News-inspired brass licks, and Daft Punk-like vocoders. Funky, fun and full of surprises. “The song is for humans and aliens who just want to have fun on the dance floor, or sing along to a weird catchy track in the car while they drive home thinking about Star Wars. We hope [listeners] find their own meaning and connection to the song, and create their own fantasy.”

Recorded and produced at the band’s home, before the final ‘Fantasy’ was done with celebrated producer Ben Malone in his Auckland studio. “We spent a while tinkering and developing the track, listening to Prince and some other things that we were vibing at the time. We also worked alongside a friend and fellow musician in Nelson, Spanky Moore, to develop some new ideas and structures for the song. This song is one we are most proud of to date. We feel we are starting to find our landing place. Music that is fun, danceable and catchy and makes you feel like you are watching an 80s movie or TV show!”

Something else to get excited about, is the new ‘Fantasy’ music video! Wearing his other hat, Dave Thomson is also music video producer Imaginary Friends and creator/director of the new video – which shows Brother Sister, avid 80s cinema fans, watching an old VHS (just like they used to in their childhood) before being pulled into the TV and performing on stage in a galaxy far far away.

The band worked together to create props and costumes – including Taz creating over 20 alien costumes and Ben building spaceship walls, futuristic saxophones and painting laser guns. They also went out to Auckland cosplay and acting groups to bring in over 20 extra’s to perform in the video – including two members from the Auckland Lightsaber Guild! “We thought this idea had a great connection to the song in terms of how we escape reality into television and film – and we freaking love Sc-Fi!”

To add to the excitement – the band are hitting the road on a 7-stop tour kicking off June 1, when they will also be celebrating their vinyl record – being released by Christchurch-based Leather Jacket Records.
Head to Under The Radar for info and tickets.

Brother Sister Tour
Auckland June 1 Retro event (Due Drop Centre, Manukau)
Christchurch June 14 Space Academy
Dunedin June 15 Crown Hotel
Auckland June 21 Wine Cellar
Wellington June 29 Vogelmorn
Hamilton July 12 Last Place
Tauranga July 13 Jam Factory

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