NZ Vocalist & Producer Lola Releases New Single ‘Portal’

  • NZ Vocalist & Producer Lola Releases New Single ‘Portal’
NZ Vocalist & Producer Lola Releases New Single ‘Portal’

NZ Vocalist & Producer Lola Releases New Single ‘Portal’

“A flourish in fabricated admiration for a distant love.”Sniffers (on ‘Blossom’)

“Lola locates herself in a space outside of conventional time or place while announcing her arrival as a major new experimental pop talent.”13th Floor (on ‘Protection/Armour‘)

Growing up between the lush, native forests and rivers of New Zealand’s rural South Island and the medieval landmarks and well-worn streets of North East England – Lola’s creative identity was shaped from this state of duality. The now Tāmaki Makaurau based producer and vocalist creates dark experimental pop music draped in multimedia visuals that drinks deeply from the wellsprings of the avant-garde, queer club culture and fashion runway music.

Lola’s brand new track ‘Portal’ is an ode to the early stages of love and relationships. Opening like a beckoning heartbeat, Lola’s transcendental vocals invite the listener to venture ‘beyond’.

Lola says: “When I wrote ‘Portal’ I was experiencing the kind of love that makes you feel transformed. Like the human heart can be a portal to a new metaphysical place, so long as we relent and let it guide us.”

Guided by impeccable production from Lola herself alongside Carly Gill (half of the electronic duo Kédu Carlö), the track melds a spectrum of influences—Björk, Rosalía, Eartheater, and 070Shake— whilst forging a sonic landscape distinctly Lola’s own.

Arriving on Friday, April 19th, is ‘Portal’ music video, a captivating piece of cinematic work highlighting the intimacy of queer romance directed by Hunter Blair.

Lola’s 2021 release ‘Blossom‘ recieved support from tastemaker website, Sniffers. Later in 2023, Lola released a double single, ‘Protection/Armour‘, featuring in Coup de Main and 13th Floor’s ‘song of the day’. With Lola now on board at 45 RPM management, the team known nurturing talents like Church & AP, Pollyhill, and Lontalius, the future is shining with promise and potential.

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Photo credit: Hunter Blair