PARK RD Release Punchy Debut Album The Novel

  • PARK RD Release Punchy Debut Album <em>The Novel</em>
PARK RD Release Punchy Debut Album <em>The Novel</em>

PARK RD Release Punchy Debut Album The Novel

Auckland indie-rockers PARK RD have shared their punchy debut album The Novel today.

The thirteen-track album features the high-energy singalong previously released singles ‘Call Me Up’, ‘Every Night’, ‘Save The Planet’, ‘Secrets’, and ‘Ride’. The album release comes one week before a sold-out seven-show tour of Australia supporting The Rions.

The Novel stands as a testament to PARK RD’s evolution as musicians and individuals and offers listeners an intimate glimpse into their heads and hearts. Reflecting on the album, the band shares, “It feels like its own little world. The main theme of the album is definitely love.”

This debut album is current in its sound, yet timeless in storytelling and crafted with care. The delicate ‘Postcard’ contrasts with the funk-hype single ‘Call Me Up’, and both energies collide in ‘Hey, Hello’. Each track feels like the next chapter where something new is unveiled. From the building title track to the punchy yet introspective ‘Ride’, each song on the album offers a unique perspective on love and life.

Throughout the creative process, PARK RD (Tom Chamberlain, Angus Hampton-Carr, Leo Crawshaw-Bond, Carlos Martin and Te Kapua Pene) embraced an array of influences and techniques resulting in a collection of refreshingly different songs, yet always sound like PARK RD.

“Once we had all the main instruments, we would add ‘the vibes’ and sprinkle little details like synths or guitar parts that only happen once in the song,” the band reveals.

PARK RD have established themselves as one of NZ’s most exciting new bands, on the back of two EPs, a series of singles, and a killer live show. The past 12 months have seen the band perform at festivals such as SXSW Sydney, Rhythm & Vines, Soundsplash & Le Currents, and support The Band CAMINO, Milky Chance, Spacey Jane, and Summer Thieves. Their debut album has been in the works for almost two years.

Following their debut Australian shows last year for SXSW Sydney, PARK RD will return to Australia this May-June to support The Rions on their massive Australian tour alongside Blusher. They will return to NZ for a 7-date album release tour in July/August to be announced.

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Photo credit: Mikee Tucker