Please Give Blood Release New Single ‘Ambition’

  • Please Give Blood Release New Single ‘Ambition’
Please Give Blood Release New Single ‘Ambition’

Please Give Blood Release New Single ‘Ambition’

Dee Blood and Kay Blood are Please Give Blood, two seasoned New Zealand-based musicians who’ve joined forces on an adventure into psychedelic electronic art rock.

Dee has been in a number of Australian bands and art collectives, and Kay the former lead singer and lyricist for 90s Christchurch band Mane. (There’s more information about Dee and Kay’s past musical lives below).

“We still believe in the power of music, of song-writing, in that sonic hand to hold through those dark nights of the soul.”Please Give Blood

Please Give Blood channel strands of goth, punk and post-punk, with strange overtones of Television, Wire, Magazine and the rockier side of ’80s New Wave.

Kay says, “‘Ambition‘ is a song detailing a narcissistic drive for popularity, power and influence, often simply for its own vapid gratification. People want to validate their existence through a sense of empowerment, enthroned in virtual worlds and capitalistic work systems. Orwell’s “picture of the future…a boot stamping on a human face— forever” meets Warhol’s desire for a “15 minutes of fame” in ever-accelerating perpetuity.

Go harder, faster, be more ruthless – crush those who stand in your way, assert your domination – until that same instinct and drive, without prejudice, eventually replaces and removes you in the same process. This ego-driven flow of power rises like a wave, and drains like a tide. This is what they call ‘Ambition‘.”

Ambition‘ follows Please Give Blood’s first single ‘Deep Brain Stimulation‘, and it’s the second single from their forthcoming debut album Songs for the Long Disaster.

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