Polite Company Brings Back Jangle-Pop with New Album, Please Go Wild

  • Polite Company Brings Back Jangle-Pop with New Album, <em>Please Go Wild</em>
Polite Company Brings Back Jangle-Pop with New Album, <em>Please Go Wild</em>

Polite Company Brings Back Jangle-Pop with New Album, Please Go Wild

London-based, Aotearoa songwriter Polite Company (Alan Gregg) has today released his wildly catchy jangle-pop album Please Go Wild.

Today’s release is the debut album for Polite Company, but Alan Gregg is no stranger to the music world. With a myriad of accomplishments across his expansive career as bass player and songwriter in legendary Aotearoa band The Mutton Birds, and his celebrated solo project Marshmallow.

Please Go Wild is an engaging and charming collection of songs with a unique point of view. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes melancholy, these intensely melodic tunes are filled with delicious couplets and lively observations of an absurd world. “I’m a firm believer that now, more than ever, the world needs more jingly-jangly music,” says Alan.

The album opens with previously released singles ‘Circulation’ – an infectious tune that reflects on life post-Covid and Alan’s decision to release new music, and ‘Barefoot Billionaire’ – inspired by a story in the business pages about the rise and fall of a high flying tech entrepreneur. “The overall vibe is quite uplifting musically, but sometimes the lyrics hint at unease or anxiety,” explains Alan. “A friend of mine has described these songs as having ‘a pleasing sense of melancholy.’”

Please Go Wild was written, recorded and produced by Alan at his London studio, and mixed and mastered by Sam Gibson. With an impressive track record of collaboration, it comes as no surprise that Alan enlisted friends across Aotearoa to contribute to the recording and songwriting of the album – additional recording and performances come from Sean Read (Dexys), David Long (The Mutton Birds), and Blair Jollands.

“The lyrics for tracks ‘Peculiar Julia’ and ‘Shrinking Violet’ are both from poems featured in the book Floods Another Chamber by Wellington poet James Brown,” says Alan. “James is an old friend of mine, and I mentioned to him that either of the poems could be songs and he suggested I have a go.”

The album’s unique blend of social commentary and storytelling comes to a head with brand new single ‘Perfectly Good Explanation’, which seamlessly blends zither, brass and a driving rhythm section into the uplifting sounds of an “Eastern European folk song played by a Mariachi band – or in this case, the brass contributions of Blair Jollands.” Behind the jaunty tune there’s a cutting edge in Alan’s lyrics which tell of ways corporations and politicians can mislead the public. “Whenever you hear someone use the word ‘perfectly’, they’re probably not telling the truth,” says Alan.

Sure to become a fast favourite, Please Go Wild is a brilliant collection of songs that present an array of topical, thought-provoking subject matter and solidify Alan Gregg as a compelling and seasoned Aotearoa artist.

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Hailing from Palmerston North, the now London-based Alan Gregg was originally a keyboard player, but has mainly played bass guitar throughout his professional life. After moving to Auckland, he joined The Mutton Birds (1992 – 1998; 2012 – 2019), where he contributed bass, vocals, keyboards, and wrote a number of songs. He has worked as a producer and studio/touring musician – appearing on albums by artists such as Dave Dobbyn, touring with Bic Runga, and producing BRAND NEW – the second album by New Zealand band The Stereo Bus. He released his first solo album under the name Marshmallow in 2002 – which features well-known musicians such as Bic Runga and Ron Sexsmith. Now he has added his exciting new project Polite Company and album Please Go Wild to his already impressive CV.