Reb Fountain Covers OMC’s Worldwide Hit, ‘How Bizarre’

  • Reb Fountain Covers OMC’s Worldwide Hit, ‘How Bizarre’
Reb Fountain Covers OMC’s Worldwide Hit, ‘How Bizarre’

Reb Fountain Covers OMC’s Worldwide Hit, ‘How Bizarre’

Reb Fountain pays homage to one of the ‘greatest New Zealand songs of all-time’; OMC‘s worldwide hit, ‘How Bizarre’.

Award winning artist Reb Fountain releases her exceptional version of one of New Zealand’s most successful songs; OMC’s classic hit, ‘How Bizarre’. Taking inspiration from Johnny Cash and his tribute to ‘American Recordings’, Reb Fountain amplifies one of Aotearoa’s finest pop hits for NZ Music Month. With the gothic swag of her delivery and a fragility of voice that breaks the heart open, Reb transforms ‘How Bizarre’ into a tale of Lynchian proportions.

Written by Pauly Fuemana and Alan Jansson and performed by OMC – Otara Millionaire’s Club – ‘How Bizarre’ was released in 1995 as the hit of the summer. Reb’s version will be the anthem of our winter; a poignant retelling that shares this iconic track in a whole new light.

Produced by Dave Khan and recorded with engineer Tom Havard at Sublime Studios, Reb’s recording encapsulates the prodigious undertone of OMC’s ‘How Bizarre’: art for art’s sake. In ‘How Bizarre’, we are transported to the dystopian world of the artist, where the currency is literature of the spirit and artists give their lives for the chance to taste it’s nectar. It is the dedication to the creative work that we see reflected in the sheen of the Chevy 69’ every time we look around.

Legendary music photographer Chris Cuffaro took the extraordinary image of Reb that is the cover art. Paying homage to Pauly’s single cover, half her face is obscured; catching a glimpse of the whole but not the full story. Reb has uncovered the missing chapter of one of Aotearoa’s most iconic songs; the rich and complex landscape of the artist, emboldened by fame and underpinned by tragedy and loss. We see the whole picture enriched and emblazoned with the artist’s experience and it is a creative world that we would bereft without.

At the end of this month, Reb Fountain will be touring Aotearoa, alongside fellow Flying Nun artists, Voom and Vera Ellen. The triple headline tour kicks off in Christchurch at James Hay Theatre on Thursday, May 30th, followed by Errick’s in Dunedin on Friday, May 31st. Wellington’s Great Hall will host the next stop on Saturday, June 1st, followed by Auckland’s Powerstation on Sunday, June 2nd (Kings Birthday eve).

Tickets can be purchased through the Eccles Entertainment website here.

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Photo credit: Chris Cuffaro.