Sam Fowles Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Destination Unknown’

  • Sam Fowles Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Destination Unknown’
Sam Fowles Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Destination Unknown’

Sam Fowles Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Destination Unknown’

Sam Fowles has teamed up with Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties) to co-produce Fowles’s second single ‘Destination Unknown’.

Destination Unknown’ invites listeners into another dimension of Fowles’ style following up on his debut release, ‘Butterfly Baby.’ The track invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey, weaving through blues-drenched sunrises and funk-infused skies that have you grooving every step of the way to its infectious beat. Trippy electronic textures blend seamlessly with bouncing bass lines, layered harmonies, and blazing electric guitars, culminating in an epic chorus. The song has an irresistible flow that demands your body’s response.

Through soulful and personal vocal expressions, lyrically it explores the universal quest to find one’s way amidst the complexities of life. “‘Destination Unknown’ is about choosing to let your internal compass guide you towards your higher purpose, and to be the light that leads the way on this journey we call life.” Says Fowles

The track was recorded at Massey Studios, Pōneke | Wellington, Aotearoa | New Zealand, engineered by Sam Fowles, Jonas Persson and Ryan Prebble, mixed by Lee Prebble (Surgery Studios), and mastered by Mike Gibson (Munki Studios).

Sam Fowles creates music that moves the body, speaks to the heart, and touches the soul. Driven by groove and the desire to find meaning in the moments of this journey we call life, the musician, songwriter, and producer has a signature sound that stands out and stuns.

Fowles would describe his music as psychedelic soul laced with blues and funk. It resonates with deep grooves and driving rhythms created by vintage drum sounds, digital sonics, and electric guitars that build and blaze into billowing soundscapes. At its core is his unique, soulful voice and the punchy, heartfelt lyrics he wears on his sleeve. This is music that makes you feel, and boy, does it make you move.

Fowles writes about the wars we fight in our hearts and minds. As someone who has seen struggles, who has overcome and risen above them, his conscious lyrics traverse the spectrum of love and loss; light and dark; personal triumphs and failures. While his journey is his own, his message is universal. Ultimately, it’s a message of hope.

His debut single, ‘Butterfly Baby,’ reached number 1 spot on the RDU FM Te Ahi top 10 chart and is currently number 4 on the NZ SRN charts. It is the first of a series of singles foreshadowing his debut album, After Dark set for release later this year. The album is co-produced by Fowles and Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties).

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Photo credit: Jack Marlin