T. G. Shand Paints Lush Soundscape with New Single, ‘Scenes’

  • T. G. Shand Paints Lush Soundscape with New Single, ‘Scenes’
T. G. Shand Paints Lush Soundscape with New Single, ‘Scenes’

T. G. Shand Paints Lush Soundscape with New Single, ‘Scenes’

Ōtautahi-based shoegaze artist T. G. Shand has today released her latest sonic treasure ‘Scenes’ – alongside a stunning animated music video and a living digital art visualizer!

Blurring the lines between dream-pop, shoegaze, lo-fi and alternative, T. G. Shand aka Annemarie Duff, is inviting listeners back into her unique soundscape with this gentle and reflective single. ‘Scenes’ is a warm bath of tender poetry, bright guitars, shimmery vocal layers and a gently uplifting rhythm section. The self-produced single joins previously released EPs GOLDEN HOUR and CINNAMON – a discography that has landed the artist some impressive achievements, including SRN 2023 Best EP for the latter, and recently opening for celebrated alt artist Blonde Redhead.

“‘Scenes’ attempts to layer various concepts of observing the warm routines of communities,” explains Annemarie, “being ok with not feeling connected to those natural rituals, absorbing the feeling of community through observing it, and a long hot summer day as it fades into the concrete.”

Made with the support of NZ On Air, the ‘Scenesmusic video was made by visual artist Spencer Hall, based on the concept of “flying over the hills from the perspective of the wind.” A stunning result of Spencer and Annemarie’s reflections on perspective and community, the video follows the abstract imagery of an egg dissolving into the world around it, and ends with “pieces of houses floating around as if they’re crystals in the middle of space.”

“To me, that conveys the song theme – the fond observing of humans in community and family, and home, despite feeling separated from it like many of us do. Then feeling the warmness of that fade into a sense of calm.”

Alongside today’s track and music video, is a groundbreaking living digital visualiser – also illustrated by Spencer, but controlled by real-time weather data from Lyttelton via the MetService API. Each day, at sunrise and sunset, the music video for ‘Scenes’ plays. Developed by Annemarie’s Cusp Art Studio, it uses art to connect the audience with real-time weather patterns in Banks Peninsula.

This new art tech team aims to make live data more accessible to the public, facilitating better data literacy, understanding and transparency. Endless possibilities await these creative data visualisations, such as the illustration of real-time impacts of climate change, and equipping consumers with a better understanding of corporations’ sustainability measures.

With the release of ‘Scenes’, the launch of Cusp Art Studio, and a range of exciting creative projects on the horizon, T. G. Shand is proving to be a pioneering figure in the Aotearoa alternative music and visual space!

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