Tāmaki-based PARSE Unveils Debut Album ELEMENTAL

  • Tāmaki-based PARSE Unveils Debut Album <em>ELEMENTAL</em>
Tāmaki-based PARSE Unveils Debut Album <em>ELEMENTAL</em>

Tāmaki-based PARSE Unveils Debut Album ELEMENTAL

Auckland-based musician Greg Parmenter, known as PARSE, unveils his debut album ELEMENTAL: a haunting soundscape that blends shoegaze, prog-metal, and introspective lyrics. Inspired by personal turmoil and complex relationships, the album offers a raw and emotional journey through love’s darker alleys.

Released on January 24, 2024, ELEMENTAL features distorted guitars, intricate rhythms, and introspective lyrics that delve into the complexities of love between imperfect people.

PARSE, a solo project by Greg Parmenter, self-recorded and self-mixed the album before Dan Konopka of OK Go provided the final mix and master.

The album explores love’s imperfections and challenges, drawing comparisons to bands like Holy Fawn, Crosses (†††) and other dark shoegaze acts, alongside Smashing Pumpkins, Tool and A Perfect Circle.

Inspired by a “torturous relationship,” the lyrics paint a vivid picture without revealing all the details, keeping listeners intrigued.

During recording, PARSE’s neighbours unexpectedly moved out, adding an amusing anecdote to the creative process.
PARSE aims to express raw honesty through the album, prioritising emotional depth over commercial success.

Cam Southam of Miinds praised the album, calling it “sick” and highlighting the impressive feat of PARSE doing everything himself.

PARSE is planning to tour with New Zealand’s preeminent shoegaze band, Miinds, in 2024 (confirmation pending).

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