Taranaki Talents Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Release Moving New Tune ‘Lost At Sea’

  • Taranaki Talents Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Release Moving New Tune ‘Lost At Sea’
Taranaki Talents Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Release Moving New Tune ‘Lost At Sea’

Taranaki Talents Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie Release Moving New Tune ‘Lost At Sea’

Impressive new band on the scene Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie are thrilled to announce the release of their touching new single ‘Lost At Sea’, a soul-stirring folk-country anthem that delves deep into the universal experience of loss and the healing power of unity.

“When something comes along that you know is just dripping with musical professionalism and creative imagination…you’re in for something good.”Flash-trax

Featuring the masterful talents of Chad Williams (drums); Keith Parker (bass); Courtnay Low (rhythm guitar/lead vocal); Anna Brooks (backing vocals) and Tim Lloyd (lead guitar), Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie are steeped in the mystique of genre bending alt-country-folk and blues-swamp vibes, melding a tantalising blend of traditional blues instruments and contemporary elements.

Following on from the release of their fiery, badass debut single ‘Mercy’, this evocative track shows the softer side of Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie. Weaving rich acoustic melodies with gorgeously poignant lyrics, ‘Lost At Sea’ truly captures the raw emotion of sorrow and the strength found in coming together during times of heartache.

Lead singer-songwriter Courtnay Low expresses her artistry with lyrics that delve into stories of heartache, resilience, and the vast continuum of raw emotions that define the human experience. On ‘Lost At Sea’, Courtnay’s strong, clear vocals are impressive. Her smooth, soothing delivery paired with the bittersweet, cathartic melody and sublime acoustic guitar draws the listener in, with Flash-trax stating “…this is going to melt the heart of every[one] . . . who gives it a listen.”

Recorded and mixed by talented engineer Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace in Ōakura and mastered by Chris Chetland at Auckland’s Kog Studios, ‘Lost At Sea’ is a song that resonates with the enduring human spirit and the bonds that help us through the toughest moments – whether you’ve faced personal loss yourself, or been a pillar of support for others.

Lost At Sea’ impels the listener to allow the gentle strum of the guitar and the hauntingly beautiful harmonies guide them through a journey of remembrance, reflection, and hope.

Says Courtnay: “My lyrics delve into the complexities of human existence, exploring themes of love, controversy, loss, triumph, and vulnerability. Through my songs, I hope to spark emotions, ignite memories, and offer a refuge for those seeking solace in the symphony of life. For me, ‘Lost At Sea is more than just a song; it’s a tribute to the love and resilience that binds us all.”

Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie are scheduled to perform at the New Plymouth Festival of Lights this winter, which will also see Courtnay perform with fellow musicians and regular collaborators, acclaimed Taranaki alt-blues rockers The Mons Whaler, whom she officially joined earlier this year ahead of the release of their ten-track debut album Hold My Gun.

Unforgettable and electric, their hypnotic blend of alt-country-folk-rock and swamp-blues magic will leave you hungry for more and eager to witness the rise of this exceptional new band. Listen out for the debut EP Mercy to be released later this year.

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