Thabani Gapara Releases Tribute Album In Their Footsteps Vol-2 Ahead of North Island Tour

  • Thabani Gapara Releases Tribute Album <em>In Their Footsteps Vol-2</em> Ahead of North Island Tour
Thabani Gapara Releases Tribute Album <em>In Their Footsteps Vol-2</em> Ahead of North Island Tour

Thabani Gapara Releases Tribute Album In Their Footsteps Vol-2 Ahead of North Island Tour

Tāmaki Makaurau-based saxophonist and composer Thabani Gapara proudly unveils his tribute album In Their Footsteps Vol-2, following the release of his 2019 debut album, In Their Footsteps. Continuing his journey into the heart of Southern African jazz, Gapara’s latest release pays homage to the genre’s visionary composers through soulful reinterpretations of their compositions and showcases his mastery of the saxophone and flute, breathing new life into the iconic tunes.

Recorded in Gapara’s Auckland home, the album unfolds as a vibrant live session, resonating with the pulsating rhythms of afro fusion. Drawing from an illustrious Southern African jazz repertoire, Gapara meticulously curates a collection of iconic compositions that have shaped his artistic journey. From the soul-stirring melodies of Caiphus Semenya‘s ‘Nomali‘ and ‘Caution, Music in The Air‘ to the evocative rhythms of Moses Kuhumalo‘s ‘African Mood‘, each track serves as a reverent homage to the genre’s luminaries. Additional standout selections include ‘Mgqashiyo‘ by Tsepho Mngoma, Moses Molelekwa‘s ‘Matswale‘, Khaya Mahlangu‘s ‘Woza Kim‘, and Louis Mhlanga‘s ‘Shamwari.’

Accompanied by a stellar ensemble, including Forrest Thorp on trumpet, Elijah Whyte on drums, Nick Taylor on bass, Nathan James on guitar, and Stallone D’Souza on keyboard, Thabani Gapara orchestrates a symphony of sonic exploration.

Following his 2023 ‘Mwana Wevhu Tour,’ Thabani Gapara has just announced his upcoming tour ‘In Their Footsteps‘: a 4 city tour across the North Island, promising an unforgettable experience. The tour will kick off at Waiheke Jazz Fest, followed by performances in Tauranga (Totara Street), Wellington (Rogue and Vagabond), and Auckland (Tuning Fork). Audiences can expect an immersive musical journey influenced by the voices of his Motherland while celebrating Gapara’s unique musical vision.

Listeners are invited to embark on a transcendent journey through the cultural landscape of Southern Africa jazz, where each note resonates with the echoes of tradition and innovation.

More information and tickets for Thabani Gapara’s ‘In Their Footsteps’ tour can be found here.

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Tāmaki Makaurau-based, Zimbabwean born saxophonist and composer, Thabani Gapara has been performing around the world in various musical projects for the last 16 years. A graduate of the New Zealand School of Music (B Mus Jazz), Thabani has had the pleasure of playing as a member in several musical projects in Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand. His passion for collaboration has seen him work with a plethora of South African and New Zealand artists including: Batucada Sound Machine, Warren Duncan, Hipstamatics, Jujulipps, Bella Kalolo, Rob Ruha, Lou’ana, Vince Harder, Stan Walker, The Modern Māori Quartet, House of Shem, Ch! Nonso, Three Houses Down and Katchafire to mention but a few. 2019 saw the release of Thabani’s first album ‘In Their Footsteps,’ with his band The Thabani Gapara Project. A Celebration of the many varied musical influences that have shaped Gapara’s creative voice, each song given a unique take that breathes a fresh energy to these classic songs. In his 2020 release ‘The Griots Path,’ Thabani presents original music celebrating a variety of his influences from the African diaspora incorporating styles such as Zouk, Afro Latin music, funk, and many of the sounds of Southern Africa. 2023 saw Thabani Gapara’s New Zealand tour, titled “The Mwana Wevhu Tour.” 2024 marks his ‘In Their Footsteps’ New Zealand tour.