Video of the Day: Eli Superflyy – ‘Happy’

  • Video of the Day: Eli Superflyy – ‘Happy’
Video of the Day: Eli Superflyy – ‘Happy’

Video of the Day: Eli Superflyy – ‘Happy’

Today’s Video of the Day is a rather thrashy one, marking Eli Superflyy‘s first release since 2022.

From the depths of Eli Superflyy’s forthcoming debut album Motor emerges a haunting and introspective anthem titled ‘Happy’.

Departing from his previous sound, Eli Superflyy ventures into darker and heavier territory, carving out a space where raw emotion and rough-around-the-edges instrumentation help explore the complexities of relationships.

With gritty guitar riffs and pounding drums, Eli Superflyy confronts happiness head-on, as he vows to do anything to keep the motor running: ‘Happy’ captures the angst and turmoil of a relationship teetering on the edge.

Backed by NZ On Air, fast rising indie Wellingtonian Eli Superflyy teams up with Director Oscar Keys for his latest music video ‘Happy’. A slick cinematic thriller that compliments the punchy, angsty nature of the single.

“To me ‘Happy’ is quite haunting and dark, so I envisioned a music video that captures that darkness, and the uncertainty riddled throughout the song. A few weeks before the shoot night, Oscar and I went on a drive one Sunday afternoon in the pouring rain. We drove around spots I thought were uneasy and spooky, and we eventually made our way to the mechanics we would eventually use. We ended up having a work colleague of mine’s family friend bring their old Cadillac along, and Monty, a friend of Bam’s (cast in the music video) bring his old car too. It all felt really organic and low pressure, which was a great environment to really find my character for the video.”

Check out the mini epic below and tune in āpōpō (and every day of New Zealand Music Month) for a new Video of the Day!

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