Voodoo Bloo Unveil Explosive New Single, ‘Cardboard Box Office’

  • Voodoo Bloo Unveil Explosive New Single, ‘Cardboard Box Office’
Voodoo Bloo Unveil Explosive New Single, ‘Cardboard Box Office’

Voodoo Bloo Unveil Explosive New Single, ‘Cardboard Box Office’

Wellington rockers Voodoo Bloo have today returned with their second single of the year, smashing it out of the park with their addictive new track, ‘Cardboard Box Office’.

A gritty, punchy, groove-laden rhythm section immediately sets the tone for ‘Cardbox Box Office’, showcasing the band’s signature sound by blending raw energy with poignant, peculiar lyricism.

“The song was made after I watched Black Swan,” says frontman Rory McDonald. “Which got me thinking about creativity and business and how it sucks that we can’t just make things on their own merit, and then it made me think about movies and what working on movies must be like, then I started thinking about how much money people make off of movies, so in short: Complete and utter nonsense”.

“It’s the first time we’ve been true to ourselves – we’re not serious people. I’ve definitely put up a facade in the past that I’m super deep and like to weave these intricate themes and storytelling elements into what we do – truth is, English was one of my worst subjects at school, I want to write about any silly thing that comes up, and it’s the first time we’ve looked into the mirror without a mask.”

Recorded by the band in Wellington and produced by Voodoo Bloo’s drummer Jackon Kidd, ‘Cardboard Box Office’ was then mixed by Scott Seabright (Alien Weaponry, Mumford & Sons, Six60).

Alongside the release of ‘Cardboard Box Office’ comes the B side track, ‘Wowie’; another release from the upcoming album, ‘Wowie’ came together in the same recording session, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered in the same session by frontman Rory McDonald.

Today’s release is the second single to be shared ahead of their upcoming album, following the recently released track ‘Hot Garbage’.

Voodoo Bloo’s album, set for release in June, will be their third full length LP following their 2022 album The Blessed Ghost and 2020’s debut record, Jacobus. THE BLESSED GHOST received widespread support from local media, with tracks featured on Radio Hauraki, Juice TV, Bayrock, The Dominion Post and more. Single ‘Small’ charted in the NZ Radioscope Rock Charts for six consecutive weeks, peaking at #15.

With an accompanying video to come, a release show in the pipeline, an album set for unveiling in June and a UK/Australian album release tour taking place later this year, there is undoubtedly every reason to keep an eye on this captivating act.

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