Christchurch Dream-Rock Band Lunar Intruder Release Melancholic Single 'Phases' as Prelude to Debut Album

February 9th 2024
Christchurch-based four-piece band Lunar Intruder returns with their latest single, 'Phases,' an exploration of personal evolution, leading up to the release of their upcoming debut album "Smokechasers." Building on the success of their previous hits 'What You Wanted' and 'House,' Lunar Intruder invites listeners into another chapter of their musical journey.

Embracing influences from the shoegaze genre, 'Phases' delves into the complexities of transformation and self-acceptance. Guitarist and singer Cameron Buyers, alongside bassist Matthew Genet, lead guitarist Max Wolvekamp, and drummer Ricki Allan, collectively known as Lunar Intruder, share, "'Phases' is about going through the motions of changing as a person and learning to accept and resist fighting the person you are becoming. 'Wait out your phases' is basically a way of saying; there’s more to our lives that we haven’t experienced yet."


The band's recent surge in popularity on New Zealand's student radio stations and streaming platforms underscores their growing influence within the local scene. Following their successful Good Dogs Go To Heaven Tour in New Zealand and the release of their recent singles, Lunar Intruder is establishing themselves as a crowd favourite.


Join Lunar Intruder in celebrating the release of 'Phases' and anticipate the full album release of ‘Smokechasers’ in April 2024.


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Lunar Intruder is Cameron Buyers (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Matthew Genet (Bass), Max Wolvekamp (Lead Guitar) and Ricki Allan (Drums), hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand.


Their music carries a profound emotional depth and a sweeping, introspective quality that immerses listeners in a realm of nostalgia and contemplation. Renowned for their explosive and energetic sets, Lunar Intruder started from humble beginnings in a cold Upper Riccarton garage during the first Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, where they set the cornerstone for their influence of music: haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and powerful instrumentation.

The band was first introduced to the Christchurch Music Scene in 2020, starting out in the backyards of University flats, playing for friends and clubs. From there, they were awarded First Place at the annual University of Canterbury “Battle of the Bands” competition. Since then, Lunar Intruder has gone from strength to strength; hosting a handful of memorable backyard gigs, featuring on TV shows (The Feed), and performing at a multitude of Music Festivals, including Golden Bay's Twisted Frequencies and UCSA's Summer Stein and Tea Party.


This has led them to share the stage with New Zealand and Australian heavyweights: Mako RoadThe GrogansThe ButlersOld MervsSurf TrashLazy GhostDolphin FriendlyThere's A TuesdaySummer Thieves, and The Raddlers.

The band released their 2022 debut EP ‘Moonlight’, followed by two more EPs: 'Solar Hangover' (2020) and 'Outerworlds' (2021). In 2022, they embarked on a nationwide 'The Moonlight Tour'. August 2023 saw them wrapping up the 'Good Dogs Go To Heaven Tour,' another nationwide tour.

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