NZ Country Talent Steffany Beck Shares Beautiful Tribute to Late Father, ‘Carpenters Daughter’

February 9th 2024
Rising country-pop star Steffany Beck has today released her moving acoustic single, ‘Carpenters Daughter’.

After a successful summer of shows and the recent release of gritty single ‘Foot Down’ (CMT, Southern Cross Radio, CFM, Tearaway), Carpenters Daughteris another exciting single from the Portland-raised, Ōtautahi-based singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP PILLARS.


An emotional and comforting tribute from a daughter to her father, Carpenters Daughteris striking in its acoustic simplicity, stunning vocal delivery and powerful lyrics - There ain’t a nail without your finger print on it that’s holding my frame together.


“This is a tribute to my late father who passed away in a hunting accident 10 years ago, leaving behind my mother and 5 brothers and sisters. I remember feeling like I had to be strong for my family and it being hard. When I returned to work, there was a store across the road called Carpenters Daughter which actually gave me so much comfort (my father was a carpenter, and my grandfather and great grandfather). I wrote Carpenters Daughterwith the thought that it's ok to miss the ones we've lost - remember them, think about them, cry over them, and move forward with them - as they will always be part of you.”


Also released today is a special Live performance video made by Neato Productions and Lustre Audio, and set up in an old carpenter-inspired garage. “My day job is working for a commercial construction company, and my work colleagues were so supportive and quick to jump on board to help out. I tried to create an atmosphere my father would have loved. There is even a batman baseball cap which represents how my father told me that he was the real batman and, when he had to work nights, that he was going out to fight crime. I genuinely believed that my dad was the real batman until I was at least 11 years old!”


Carpenters Daughterwas recorded by award-winning producer Ben Edwards at the Sitting Room in Christchurch’s Lyttelton and mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog Studio.


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Steffany Beck is a country pop singer-songwriter with an impressive list of career highlights, including releasing her debut EP - BLUE EYED GIRL in 2019, writing songs with celebrated Aotearoa singer-songwriter Bic Runga and performing live with another music legend Jason Kerrison (lead singer from Opshop). She has won a national songwriting competition and, just this past summer, she performed in Christmas in the Park, NZ Spirit Festival, TSB Festival of Lights, Summer Sundays, South Island Wine and Food Festival and many more! With today’s stirring release, shows booked (including the Canterbury Folk Festival)and a new EP out in April, now is a great time to immerse yourself in the music of rising star Steffany Beck.

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