Waiata Anthems Week Returns With a Wero, Industry Legends and 26 New Waiata

September 5th 2022
Continuing the revitalisation of te reo Māori and kicking off Mahuru Māori, twenty-six new waiata were released today ahead of Waiata Anthems Week (Sept 5-11).

From newcomers Coterie, to NZ legend Tim Finn, artists span the full spectrum of musical genres, ages, and stages, to become reo champions for the Waiata Anthems movement for 2022.

This year Waiata Anthems Week precedes the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition being presented to Parliament on September 14, 1972. It also coincides with 40 years of Kohanga Reo, 40 years of Te Karere, and 50 years of Te Matatini.

Waiata Anthems co-founder Dame Hinewehi Mohi says “the week is an opportunity to celebrate how far the revitalisation of te reo Māori has come, its importance and relevance now, and for the future”.

“It’s been incredible to see the music industry band together to create and produce these beautiful waiata. With the support of mātanga reo, the artists have created 26 waiata from the heart, for the nation.

“We would love Aotearoa to join us in supporting and celebrating waiata reo Māori, all champions of te reo Māori in our own unique way.”

Waiata Anthems 2022 artists include:

Drax Project & Rob Ruha
Fly My Pretties
Goldsmith Baynes
Jackson Owens
Mikey Dam
Origin Roots Aotearoa
Pacific Heights featuring
Stan Walker & Crete
Aotearoa Allstars featuring
Toni Huata
Papa’s Pack
Riiki Reid
Rory Noble
Sol3 Mio
Tiki Taane and Moana
Maniapoto featuring Ria Hall, Georgia Lines, Mazbou Q, Chey Milne

Tim Finn

Listen to Waiata Anthems: waiata.lnk.to/WaiataAnthems2022.


#WaiataAnthems Wero

Part of the Waiata Anthems movement this year is a social media wero / challenge to

celebrate waiata, and in turn continue the revitalisation of te reo Māori.

For all of Mahuru Māori, people of Aotearoa are invited to use the hashtag

#WaiataAnthems and share on social media how they champion te reo Māori through

waiata, while encouraging others to do the same by tagging friends and whānau.

“By supporting and championing waiata, we can honour the OGs and legends of waiata

that began the reo revolution fifty years ago.

“Today, being a reo champion can be as simple as blasting waiata on your radio or device,

adding waiata to your playlist, and sharing how you listen to waiata on social media,” says

Dame Mohi.

Waiata Anthems Week will run from 5-11 September, celebrating waiata across social

and news media. To find out more about how you can become a language champion, go

to www.waiataanthems.co.nz.

To listen to Waiata Anthems, visit waiata.lnk.to/WaiataAnthems2022. 

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